8 Classy Habits of A Stylishly Classy Man! Find Out If You Are The One!


Men’s fashion is crucial! And it is hard to find men who can keep up with real fashion, that too classily,

We see boys and men who adorn latest trends, who follow brands, who copy the celebs, yet it is not easy to appear all classy and droolable, at all times.

Me,  in my all sane mind, think that it is not all that difficult also, to be real classy, without spending fortunes on branded fashion. There are easier and less expensive ways to be king of your own classic style.

Here is what you need to do if you are a man and wish to fall in that category of stylishly classy men. As per my understanding, here are all those adoptable Habits of A Stylishly Classy Man that makes them timelessly stylish.

  1. A Classy Man Understands That Less Is More

While classy guys know more than anyone about the latest trends and fashion, they know very well that less is more, and that is their USP. They know how to nail the subtly classic look.  They pull off a navy blue well-tailored classic suit look with a simple white button-up and crisp pocket square fold shirt very calmly and classily or even a khadi kurta with a basic denims, rather than combining some of the wildest trends you see in the crazy fashion mags.


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