5 Types Of Men Every Woman Should Stay Away From

Types Of Men

Every man is different and every woman has to deal with one of a kind once in her life.

It’s not easy to categorize men because there are so many kinds. Well, I am not stereotyping any man here, neither am I a man hater, but these are just some kind of men that are usually found non-worthy of being around.

I am sure, there are some perfect ones out there too, but cannot ignore the fact that there are some types of men that a woman should stay away from.

Here, are 5 of those types of men :

1. The Judgmental type

From your clothes to your eating habits, this man is ready to judge you as per anything that you ever do. Every single word you say in front of him is like an open clue for him to define you as a person. Instead of having that man around you, better stay alone.

2. The Misogynist

This man has pure hatred in his heart for all women he meets. I don’t know what really the issue behind being a misogynist is but I think he doesn’t want women to be powerful or capable enough of talking in front of him. Dating him will be like building regrets.

3. The Creep

You will either find a creep at your workplace or at a bar, because that’s where these men try to play their creep cards. Whatever you say in front of them has a creepy or a cheesy response from their end because all they want is to woo you with their words. Beware, sometimes they turn out to be stalkers too.

4. The Right One

No, not the man who is right for you but the man who thinks is always right no matter what. He thinks of himself as no less than God because for him, his opinion holds the highest command and that’s it.

5. The Possessive One

He can either be your boyfriend, friend or just a colleague because possessiveness is something that he showers on every other girl. Some of his favourite lines are ‘Why are you going there so late?’, ‘Who is that guy you are talking to?’ and many such other things that shouldn’t be his business at all but he is too possessive that he can’t control not knowing.

These are the types of men – All I would like to say is hats off if you are dealing with any such man and also, don’t lose hope after looking at such kinds because there are some who are perfect too. So, wait with all the patience and meanwhile, just stay away from these.

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