7 Signs That Prove Your Boyfriend is Over-Possessive And Obsessive!


He may seem perfect, you might even think he is the best guy to be with but ladies think again!

Sometimes in the beginning of your relationship, his jealousy and possessiveness makes you feel he is totally in love with you and you may even find that cute, don’t you? But remember there is a very thin line between his extra caring nature and his obsession and possessiveness towards you.

But what if his possessiveness and obsession goes too far?

What if it stops you from living your own life? Too much of it will make your relationship suffocating and you would want to run from it.

Today we are going to list down 7 signs that puts your partner into the category of over-possessive and obsessive lover.

Your decisions are not yours anymore!


It’s good that he helps you in taking decisions but it’s NOT OK if he can’t accept your decisions he doesn’t approve of. Is he the one deciding what you wear, or what you shouldn’t all the time or even deciding with whom you should go out then lady there is a problem. You need to take a note of this.

He wants to know everything about you and its EVERYTHING!


I know as lovers you want to share everything with your partner and there’s no secrets between you but there are always a few things that you want to keep private. If he is too much inquisitive about things you don’t even want to share or gets upset if you don’t agree to it then this is again something to watch out for. Does he keep asking you for your social media passwords? Does he want all the access to your personal mails and keeps a tab on who you message or speak to? These are more signs that shows he is over-possessive about you. Beware girls!

When he wants to control your life!


Even if he isn’t around, you need to take his permission for going out with your friends. He gets offended and extremely angry if you haven’t told him first if you are going out. This may get worse later and you could end up being a prisoner in your own life asking his permission even to breathe. Be careful!

Missing his call creates havoc in your life!


Does it happen with you if you’re talking to your friends or even parents over the phone and his call is waiting on line and he expects you to answer as soon as he calls. Failing to do so he gets extremely upset or shouts at you? This is again a warning for you girls.

You are his entire world and he wants him to be yours!


You may feel lucky and happy in the beginning if he shows that you and only you are his priority and he can’t live without you. But later this may get little bit scary if he expects the same from you too. If even the thought of being away from you makes him mad and he sulks about it, if he keeps saying he will die without you all the time, this is again a warning for you. If his world revolve only and only around you, if you are his only friend and everything else in his life takes a backseat you have a reason to worry about.

He keeps calling and texting you all day long!


You have told him you are busy at work but he still keeps texting you or even calls you when you don’t answer his text. You may feel wow he is so caring in the beginning of your relationship but later you may feel suffocating because of this. Does he call you every single minute to check on you? Does he always expect you to respond to his texts even if you are busy? Well these are all signs of a over possessive and obsessive lover.

He doesn’t like you mingling with your male friends!


Ok so before entering into a relationship with him, you had your own life and friends for god sake and just because you got a boyfriend you NEED TO STOP talking to your male friends. Does it sound like your own story too? Does he stop you from talking to your old friends or even gets upset f you talk about them? This is definitely worrying girls, note this sign too.

Remember love is a sacred bond between you two, and if you have any of these traits remember you are scaring the s**t out of your partner.

These all traits may sound cute to you in the beginning but later you may want your own space if your partner behaves in a certain way.

You may or may not have any problems with these signs and these may not necessarily have any bad impact in your relationship, but you definitely need to address these signs in your relationship before it gets difficult for you.

So which of these over-possessive and obsessive signs you see in your partner?

Girl you need to watch out for these signs before it’s too late for you…

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