The Right Way To Deal With A Friend Who Is In Depression

ways to deal with depression

Once you grow up, you always come across one person in your friend circle who deals with depression.

No, it’s not a compulsory thing but it happens as we grow up and take more stress.

Though many of us take it lightly and sometimes joke about the same, it really is a serious issue. I am sure you haven’t thought about it much but if someone around you ever deals with depression, you better not ignore that scenario.

Rather, learn about the right ways to deal with depression and prove out to be a great friend.

Right ways to deal with depression –

  1. Do not joke about it

To start with, please don’t joke about your friend’s condition. When someone is going through severe depression, your jokes might hurt them even more. So, it’s better for you to hold your humour and be a little more sensible.

  1. Understand whatever they are going through

Talk to them, sit with them and ask them how they feel and why. You really need to understand why your friend is behaving in a certain way and you may be able to help him get through these tough times.

  1. Take them to a doctor

I am sure your friend will not agree on going to the doctor, but trust me he needs help. There is no shame in going to the doctor and your friend will only benefit from this.

  1. Tell him it’s okay

Your friend may feel that he is different or what’s going on with him shouldn’t be happening, but you have to make him understand that it is all okay. Depression is like every other sickness and he will come out of it just with time.

  1. Stay by his side

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Well, you must have heard of this saying and now is the time for you to prove it right. Everyone needs a friend to support in tough times and your friend right now should be on the top of your priorities.

These are the ways to deal with depression. Depression is serious and it can only be understood by the person who is actually going through this rough situation. But being a friend, it’s equally your responsibility to deal with it and help him in doing the same.

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