You Will Be Startled: Shahrukh Khan Is Selling Pan Masala At Whopping 20 Crores!!!

Talking about Shahrukh’s latest endorsements & its impact on common man

The real job of an actor is to act and entertain, right?

However, Shahrukh Khan redefined what all an actor can do, in fact, should do, to maximize his reach amongst audience. And he does it with style! He inaugurates new ventures, participates in events, dances in wedding functions and endorses tonnes of products, thus bringing huge amount of moolah not only to himself, but to all those, who get fortunate enough to work with him.

Shahrukh, undeniably is a huge brand himself. He is someone people look up to, idolize, want to be with, and want to become! That’s why even when Shahrukh Khan thinks of associating himself with another brand to endorse it, the brand becomes a trend and like how! The latest hearsay doing the rounds is that soon he will be the brand ambassador for a Pan Masala brand and that too for a whopping Rs. 20 crores!! 

Do not be startled!

It seems that he is just following his good friend Piggy Chops, who was recently seen gracing the small screen doing a similar endorsement. And it’s fashionably in to promote a product that exudes style. And it goes without saying here, SRK and style are synonymous.

Come to think of it, in a way SRK is doing a social service as well.

On one hand, he will be promoting Pan Masala and on the other hand, he will storm audiences’ living rooms with his promotion of a popular tooth-paste brand! See, such an amazing balancing act of being thoughtful about people’s taste buds as well as their health & hygiene. Isn’t it simply admirable?

Not to leave behind his other endorsements where-in he promotes a chilled drink for kids, a good car for entire family’s safe journey, a decent paint to safeguard and beautify a house, and the list goes on! And when Shahrukh sells, the things definitely become a hot property. He is every one’s hero after all.

Well, on a little serious note, we would add that he promotes and tries to sell everything which is required for a family to live a happy and contended life, just like his own. His loyal audiences lap up whatever he has to offer and for that very reason, companies are ready to pay a bomb for his services. Shahrukh Khan’s brand appeal is such that any product he endorses is an instant hit in the market. Not to forget, these endorsements make him a part of our daily lives even if his movies are seen on big screen after extended gaps. To see one’s favorite actor laughing, dancing, romancing not only on a big screen but on telly screens, day after day,  is in itself such a bliss that any product that he comes along with, holds equal value in a fan’s heart!

Thus, yet another product, nothing but a Pan Masala Brand, will have the luxury of being promoted by the ever so youthful, charming and dashing, superstar amongst stars, our very own, Shahrukh Khan!

We are always ready to see more of him in our lives, in various avatars, aren’t we? Bring it on SRK!

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