Writing a Resume That Can Lend You a Job

With the increasing competition, jobs too have become like diamonds ‘“ difficult and rare to find. There are millions of people searching for various job opportunities. Company HR’s and recruitment agencies search day in and day out for that ONE amazing resume…

With the increasing competition, jobs too have become like diamonds – difficult and rare to find. There are millions of people searching for various job opportunities. Company HR’s and recruitment agencies search day in and day out for that ONE amazing resume to stand out amongst the bulk and leave their written impression in the minds of the recruiters.

It is therefore necessary to have that perfect resume that can lend you a job instantly.

To ease your worry and tension, here are a few tips and suggestions on writing a resume that will open the doors to walk in for a job.


The objective of your resume is the first important aspect any recruiter/company would notice in your profile. This objective needs to be short and sweet but crisp and to the point. Companies do not want to see a story at the beginning of your resume. The objectives should include your skills that can enhance the growth of the organization, the company revenue. You also need to mention being open to anything challenging.

e.g: My pen does the talking to enhance your company’s beauty to the written world. I present to you my CV with an open attitude to accept challenges and an opportunity to display my writing skills.


Speak to the point with clear skills and display your talent that is relevant to the job offer. Speak about your skill sets that would make companies/recruiters go wow! Your skill sets should also give light to a little bit of your personality traits.

e.g: My blog can create the communities, ability to communicate with people through written and spoken word, ability to work in a team, ability to plan and organize work, ability to produce quality data.


This section indicates to display few of the skills that you are best at. It can be the simplest of simple things but the projection of this one important skill needs to be displayed correctly.

e.g: Ability to communicate with people through the written and spoken world.


Although they say ‘Action speaks louder than words’ the same applies for education. You may not be Einstein but the quality of your work needs to speak volumes. Keeping this aside, education qualification plays an important role in your resume. Companies are always looking to hire educationally qualified people to enhance the growth and welfare of their company. Hence it is always advisable to disclose every educational qualification obtained.

e.g: MBA in Literature from XYZ University | TYBA in Literature from XYZ University | H.S.C in Arts from XYZ University | S.S.C from XYZ school from ABC University


Your past work experience always gives you an added advantage to your future job. Noting down your past experience along with your responsibilities always gives companies that extra ability to look through your past work and justify your position for the specific job. It is important to mention detailed work experience.

e.g: Organization name: ABC | Period: 1st January 2013 till present | Job profile: Content writer | Job description: Pen down content related to Journalism. Manage the portal and organize daily work. Help team members and produce original content on daily basis.

You can repeat the organizations that you worked for previously.


This speaks about your own personality and your key interests in activities apart from working. No company would want to hire a workaholic. Recreation is a key factor to ensure good quality work and this need to appear in your hobbies and interests, giving the company a little insight on the personal front.

Eg: Trekking, riding bikes, adventurous, singing, etc


Giving out your personal is a MUST. If not, how would the company contact you? Apart from this, your personal information gives the company details of your age, place of residence, etc. This information cannot be tampered with and hence you need to disclose correct information.

e.g: Name: Sonal Jain | Address: XYZ | Age: 25years | Email: [email protected] | Contact details: 9819****95


You should always close the resume informing the company that the above information provided is correct and you take responsibility of anything that goes against your resume. This also indicates that you are a responsible individual.

Your resume should be a mirror of your skillsets, personality and attitude.

The correct set of attitude should reflect through the written words in your resume speaking volumes of you as an individual. It is always advisable to write your own resume rather than get it wriiten by an experts, as it is only YOU who can speak about your OWN persona not an outsider.

We hope the above points will help you write and finalize your resume and wish you success in finding your next job.

Comment below and let us know if the article was helpful. We look forward to your feedback.

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