You Will Never Accept Friend Requests On FB After Watching This Movie Trailer

Mona Darling

Movies are a part of our life and sometimes we just start believing in whatever we watch.

Especially, when we watch a horror movie or a thriller, we somehow start getting scared with everything that is being shown to us.

I am sure you must have watched a lot of movies too and they must have made you think twice about the things around and it happens to almost everyone.

Similarly, we went on to watch the trailer of India’s first social media thriller and it left us really scared of Facebook.

The movie is called Mona Darling and the trailer of it is going viral all over the social media.

As far as we could understand, this movie Mona Darling is about a happy go lucky girl who is living her life to the fullest in college but one day her MMS goes out and things turn ugly. She goes missing and a series of murders happen in the college. The clue to those murders is that whoever accepts friend request from Mona Darling’s FB account, loses his life. I mean, this is what we can understand by the trailer because it is so much more complicated and suspicious than what it seems.

This movie looks like a promising one to say the least and is being released under the banner of Vashu Bhagnani. The producers are First Ray Films & Alt J Films along with Pooja Entertainment. It stars some of the known faces of industry like AnshumanJha, DivyaMenon, Sanjay Suri and Suzanna Mukherjee in lead roleswith Sashi Sudigala being the director.

The story line and concept of Mona Darling looks so interesting that we are sure of it earning a huge success on the box office.

Here, have a look at Mona Darling trailer and tell me if you are ever going to accept a friend request on Facebook now.


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