Hrithik Roshan and Vivek Oberoi want Priyanka Chopra’s DNA ?

The Krrish team seems to be having a gala time taking swipes at each other

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? The trio is having a gala time promoting their new film Krrish 3, and in the process they are leaving no stone unturned in taking some fun swipes at each other. So recently at an interview Vivek and Hrithik got a tad too charged up and started describing the one super power Priyanka Chopra has in real life. It seems PC has this amazing capacity to gorge on Pizzas and parathas and not put on even an ounce of weight . So obviously Roshan and Oberoi seem to go green with envy every time she indulges in her daily feast. The Chopra chick couldn’t stop gloating as the Krrish dudes kept talking about this specific super power of hers with an air of jealousy. In fact the babe made sure she rubbed more than a pinch of salt to their wounds by saying that she is glad her body structure is made this way, at least she doesn’t have to sustain on a piece of palak and still sweat it out in the gym for hours.

Of course that remark shut the guys up and all they could think of is injecting PC’s DNA into their bodies. Sigh…these stars are crazy fitness fiends I tell you!

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