Krrish 3 is a dish best ‘˜not’ served at all!

The movie is a mixed bag of scenes that keep you hooked and cheesy sequences that make you pucker your lips in distaste.

Krrish 3 is a mixed bag…of scenes that keep you hooked and cheesy sequences that make you pucker your lips in distaste. The film had all the potential to be the kind that makes you come out of theatre all satisfied and satiated. But, the director forgot to prune parts that mutilate the movie badly. The mutants aka manvars (a combination of human and animal) in the flick look like classy well-equipped tech monsters. I enjoyed watching their action-packed antics, until the lead mutant Kangna Ranaut (who can switch appearances like a chameleon changes colours) ruins it by having a romantic dance number with the cape-clad Hrithik Roshan atop idyllic mountains. 

The wheelchair bound Vivek Oberoi (Kaal) brings flashes of professor X from X-Men into our minds but we soon realise he’s nothing like him. His sinister pastel face, slick back combed hair and high necked black ensemble complement his wicked attitude. He also makes a sizzling entry, sleighing dramatically in the snow, his expressions screaming – ‘I am cold as an icicle.’ Just when we start to revel in the evilness, songs like Raghupati Raghav and God Allah aur Bhagwan do a fabulous job of fouling up the fun moments. Some of the fight sequences were smoooooth! Just like a perfect glass of red wine; they truly reflected ingenuity. One thing that totally gave me the irritable giggles was that the superhero was so jingoistic. Raving about your desh in absolute Manoj Kumar-esque style and repeating ‘Hum sab mein ek Krrish hai’ like innumerable times is hardly going to make us righteous saints.

Special effects and graphics were decent but the artificial sets were an eye sore. The old Hrithik Roshan was an absolute sweetheart, sticking to his Bournvita and deriving all the power from it to crack some of the most critical scientific formulas. His character bought back memories of Koi Mil Gaya which was (if you ask me) the only watchable and whistle worthy superhero movie in Bollywood. We don’t expect fancy-schmancy visuals or mind blowing special effects a la Wolverine or Superman, but refraining from all that mawkishness is not much we are asking for. Also,  in-film branding was way too ‘in your face’. It conjured up images of Hrithik slipping out of his leather get-up and appearing in a salesman-like crease-free shirt and tie in our imaginative heads.

Spoiler Alert!
Everything’s hunky dory in the superbly talented Mehra family; the superhero son is living a happy life with his journalist wife Priyanka Chopra and Bournvita chugging scientist dad. Hrithik is saving lives, the old man is conducting cool experiments and PC is diligently doling out national news until one day Kaal creates a deadly virus that is killing people at the speed of light. He does so with the motive of earning profits as he has the solution to make the antidote as well. So the moment people get desperate, Kaal laboratories (owned by Vivek) pull a rabbit out of the hat and help the infected victims with the life-saving nectar. Kaal is a shrewd science genius who wants to earn a lot of moolah and support his experiments which he undertakes, in order to find the right bone marrow for his body, a part that will finally make him stand erect. His hunger to solve the mystery of his superpowers and his handicap is unquenchable. And thus what ensues is a war between good and evil. Kaal’s malevolent ideas vs Rohit Sharma’s pen-like weapon that bring back people from the dead with the help of sun rays, Krissh’s love for humanity vs Kaal’s desire to be the supreme destroyer.


Verdict: Watch it for Rakesh Roshan’s earnest attempt at creating a superhero flick or else you can always give it a miss and watch it at home when it comes on TV of course, after a couple of weeks.

Rating: ***

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