Thanks To Deepika’s Cleavage, Letter-Writing Is Back In Vogue!

Many open-letters written by Deepika Padukone, TOI and The Hindu in regards to the Cleavage controversy. Just trying to comment in a funny way on how it will all help in making people go back to letter-writing in this age of emails and chats!

First of all, for those who have never heard of a phenomenon from a different century, called Letter-writing, in this age of emails and chats and tweets, let us explain what it is.

It was a simple act of WRITING your emotions or some information that one wanted to convey to a dear one or an official basis on a piece of PAPER with PEN.

Kidding you?

No way, dude!

It is a fact and used to happen not so long ago!

But how is it connected to Deepika Padukone’s cleavage? I know you guys are desperate to know how both of them are connected. Calm down, am going to explain!

By now you all must be aware of this whole controversy built around Deepika’s cleavage so won’t talk about it anymore. The interesting that happened after this scandal took centre-stage was that suddenly everyone had the urge to express their opinions about it via letters, rather open-letters to anyone and everyone who cared to read them! Of course, Deepika started it by writing it to the Times of India (TOI).

Now TOI guys are one of the biggest publication houses in the world. It must have hurt them terribly that an actress, who are supposedly considered dumb and idiot, had the guts to trespass in their territory of using words to express her anguish instead of showing skin or dropping more clothes! That was the reason they chose to reply to her concern in an open letter published in their daily!

See, two letters were already written by the concerned people to each other in full public glare, but we are in India! Here we are used to interfere and participate in other’s fights because we care.. Err.. Because we can!

How else can we digest food, right?

So another publishing house which is not used to selling so many copies of its dailies, The Hindu, suddenly wrote an open letter in reply to TOI’s open letter! Wow, you guys must be thinking so much of openness; our country is no longer orthodox closed-door society, right? Well, that is a debate for another time!

Even we, Youngisthan, also wrote an open letter about this Deepika Cleavage Controversy to Time of India!

For now, open-letters are the order of the day and everyone is buying ink pens and stationary sales might be going through roof to hit record sales!

After all, isn’t it fashionable to do what others are doing?

What is it called, uhhhh, herd mentality, yeah!

So letters are being exchanged at a frantic pace and in each letter everyone is trying to say that please end the controversy, it is enough! Exactly, it is enough, give this scandal a rest and let Deepika focus on her career and TOI, just chill! Either apologize or accept that it is all part of promotions for Shahrukh Khan-Deepika’s upcoming flick, Happy New Year.

For the moment, there is jubilation amongst one set of people, the postman! They were deprived of their regular tips on special occasions like Diwali and New Year for bringing letters to people, even if late! Now they must be thinking of queuing up in front of Deepika’s and other publishing houses’ office for their bakhsheesh!

At least, someone is getting something good out of this whole circus of cleavage-affair, hopefully!! For rest of you, learn some letter-writing skills, who knows when they come handy again!


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