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Maoist Naxalite violence is not just an ordinary issue of law and order anymore.

Today the Naxalites have reached to the one-third districts of the country, they are harming the nation like the termite. Equipped with modern weapons, they are bent on war with the nation and the state. It is worth mentioning that Mao had described the gun pipe as a tool for influencing those who are sitting in power. At the same time, Lenin also upheld war and violence against the owners by exploiting classes and slaves.

But in today’s era, the violent Maoists are also targeting and killing the poor tribal, children and women, and they kill them.


At the same time, they also attack the security forces. They have killed several politicians as well. They do not consider the dignity of constitution, parliament, judiciary and human life, they only believe in the bloodshed of others. In this extreme situation, there seems only one way to get rid of them which is one to one fight. After all, there is nothing bad in fighting against terror.

Maoist Naxalites Are No Longer Worth Sympathy

To give them punishment, the security forces need additional legal powers as well. At the same time, governments should also perform the physical duty of public welfare and good governance among tribal people. Things mentioned in Maoists’ papers and indents may be part of their strategy, but their facts cannot be denied.


It is not hidden from anyone that tribal people are starving today. They cannot even take dry woods and leaves of the forest. They cannot even consume ordinary water, forest and land. They have been deprived of all basic facilities of life. Taking advantage of this, the Maoists Naxilists manipulate them to join their groups. The unauthorised work on the names of development encourages the young tribal to join Naxalist, loot of industrial houses in the development works and mines, the feudal character of contractors and officers are few unauthorized works that connect the tribal youth with the Naxalite party. The poor tribal doesn’t even get justice.


Political parties always try to manipulate Maoists to return to the mainstream society. But on the other side, the same political leaders also neglect the general expectations of the constitution makers in relation to tribal and special backward areas. In Article 244 (1) of the Constitution, there are provisions for declaring scheduled areas in Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram except for the special arrangements of administration in such areas.

In the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha, the same provision was declared ‘scheduled areas’.


The constitution makers of the country were conscious but the rulers working under the oath of the constitution are letting down the core sentiments of the Constitution. In spite of all the arrangements, the political system has neglected the poor, scheduled tribes and scheduled areas. Thereby, the tribals have lost faith in the constitution. What has democracy and constitution have given them, they are suffering even for the basic needs like daily bread, employment, education and security.

Maoists Naxalite have taken advantage of the same. Today, Indian Maoists do not support poor or labour class. Believe it or not but this growing Naxalism is the biggest failure of our system.

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