Shahrukh Khan’s Cleavage Stunt Worked Like WOW! Happy New Year To All!

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Happy New Year!

Oh no, we are not celebrating or wishing you for New Year.

In fact this celebratory message is for Shahrukh Khan who must be in celebration mode already. After all, yet another of his publicity stunts has hit the bull’s eye! The man really is the marketing genius and knows how to get complete attention of the entire nation.

We all know Shahrukh and Deepika’s new movie, Happy New Year is about to be released during Diwali and lot of money is riding on it. It is normal for a Shahrukh biggie, but this time the stakes are real high with so many big-budget big star cast movies about to be released in the last quarter of the year. Every flick is seeking audience’s attention and lots of promotional activities are going on. How to stand apart and get maximum coverage is on every star’s and production house’s mind! Aamir Khan has shed clothes; Hrithik’s divorce is keeping him in the news, but what about Shahrukh?

His 8-pack abs is good, but not as attractive to stand miles apart and above than his contemporaries’ marketing antics.

What’s the option then?


Or anything related to sex!

Even though it is said that only two things sell in Bollywood…

Shahrukh Khan and Sex…

This time even King Khan had to use sexual tonality to garner attention!

It seems he must have brain-stormed while working with Deepika and observing her cleavage that it can be used to create a controversy. The medium he chose is the darling of masses, The Times of India! The leading daily that is heartthrob of the nation when it comes to REAL NEWS. All that was needed was to add fuel to the fire which was aptly provided by Deepika herself by tweeting a bold remark about her breasts and cleavage!

And the ball got rolling! Everyone caught on to the controversy as if it was the most important thing on the planet! Deepika also wants her next flick to do a 300 or 400 crore business to stay on top of the most successful actresses so she must have readily agreed to it. For TOI, it is obviously a great business idea with prominent stars of the industry. Otherwise we don’t see a point for a News Brand like that getting involved in such sleazy campaigns.

 About Deepika’s other co-stars and film-makers, they must have been caught unawares and must be thinking they are supporting her for a just cause. They tweeted in hordes that for a moment it looked like everyone has got all the time at their disposal to only talk and tweet about Deepika’s cleavage!

For TV channels, it was easy fodder for higher and higher TRPs. The audience is always tempted by such spicy news and this time also, they proved ready cash cows.

How can the women organizations be left behind whose only claim to fame is issuing notices to any tom, dick and harry who questions or points a finger towards a woman’s dignity!

Well, these NGOs have an important role to play in women empowerment, but they forget that how easily they can be manipulated to debate and argue and fight on news channels for a subject which doesn’t even deserve a minute of their time!

For God’s sake, Deepika is not a school going girl who needs hand-holding for every little thing.

This kind of sensationalism is part of her job and she knew it very well when she entered the industry! But the NGOs capitalized on their claim to fame and showed it off on camera a wee bit fiercely going blah blah blah on prominent TV News Channels!

Even till now, the controversy hasn’t died down; it is still trending everywhere and giving free publicity to Deepika and indirectly to her movie.

What would Shahrukh be thinking?

He would be sitting in his vanity van with his co-stars, especially Deepika and laughing his heart out!

Mission accomplished!

In a sex-starved nation, just talk about cleavage and everyone would jump off their asses to know whose cleavage is being talked about!

Hats off Shahrukh, you did it again!

No one else could have pulled this off as BRILLIANTLY as SRK did!

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