These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Commitment Phobic – Are You One Of Them?

Commitment Phobic Zodiac Signs

Commitment Phobic Zodiac Signs – There are many people out there who are commitment phobic.

“Commitment” seems like a very big deal and thus, there are people who mainly avoid getting committed to others. Some people PREFER flirting etc, but when it comes to commitment it’s a big NOOOO.

Yes, such people exist and you might’ve come across ‘em. Yeah, one has to admit, that falling in love with a person who is commitment phobic is really a tough thing to deal with. You know; it just ends up hurting the person who is in love.

Well, here are 5 zodiac signs that are commitment phobic – Check it out.

Commitment Phobic Zodiac Signs – 

  1. ARIES

Yes, Arians are commitment phobic people.  Aries want to enjoy LIFE and have FUN as much as they can. Flirting etc is cool but commitment is a big deal and they’re not comfortable with it. The thing is, Aries fear that they’ll not get freedom to enjoy LIFE once they commit, so they love staying away. They want to waste their energy doing what they love, instead of spending it on others.

Aries want a relationship where they can be free and where there’s no restrictions etc. They want FREEDOM and if that’s not there, they cannot commit.


Gemini’s love being single because they think no one will understand them. They think twice, thrice, multiple times BEFORE getting into a relationship. Mostly, they avoid it because they don’t like the idea of commitment and the things that comes with it. Gemini’s like people but commitment is always a question. You cannot force them to get committed, because if you do then they’ll start un-liking you.

Gemini’s have trust issues and they want others to understand that they want their alone time much more than spending it with someone romancing.

  1. LIBRA

Surprised? Well, it’s true that Librarians’ hate being alone but that doesn’t mean they love to be in a relationship. The thing is, they cannot commit to someone because they’re not sure whether they can be loyal or not. They’re commitment phobic because they think that they might be trapped in relationship and the easy life will be lost etc. Librarians are always looking for a person who they can chill with, instead of getting deep into a relationship.


Sagittarians are not sure that they can give their time completely to someone and that’s the thing that makes them commitment phobic. So yes, commitment feels like a big deal and that’s not their thing.

They want someone close who will hang out with them, remain low-key and do simple yet crazy stuff without creating any tension. But, they’re mostly alone and they think that it’s hard to dedicate to someone completely.


Pisces are dreamers and commitment phobic as well. It scares them to think that they’ll be dedicated to someone. It just doesn’t make them fully happy. They mostly love spending time watching videos on YouTube and doing their little things. Pisceans are full of fear and they usually have short relationships. So, “FOREVER” is a thing that scares them off.

This was all about commitment phobic zodiac signs. 

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