Ten Women Share Ultimate Gross Things They Do When Their Hubby Is Not Around!

gross things that women do

Gross things that women do – Everyone out here is weird and has their own weird side.

That weird side sets out, when we know that no one is around and no one is looking at what we do. Isn’t it? It is exactly then, people start doing things, that otherwise they wouldn’t be doing with people around.

This is common with men and woman, too.

So, here we got you some gross things that women do when their husbands are not around.

Gross things that women do –

1 – ‘I fart peacefully, when my husband isn’t around – without fear of being heard’ 😛

Yes, I do this so peacefully when he isn’t around.

2 – ‘I watch the lesbo sex’.

They excite me more than any Netflix could ever do. 

3 – ‘I masturbate, whenever I get horny – when he’s away’.

Umm, love to satisfy myself. 

4 – ‘I clear all the public hair, as I fear that would stop him from getting crazy for me!!

This is one thing, I make sure is done. 

6 – ‘Wear his smelly shirt and wander around the place. This is because I actually miss him.’

Yes baby I miss u and so love your smell! 

7 – ‘Stalk my ex-boyfriend’s Instagram.’
Luckily, his account is not under private setting.

8 – ‘Stand nude in front of a mirror and appreciate myself.’
Standing nude and appreciating myself is one favorite thing I do when am all alone. 

9 – ‘Try on outfits that I otherwise shy to wear in front of my man.’

Haha, just because I shy away

10 – ‘Dig my nose, the deepest ever, I could.’

This is so much pleasure and self-satisfying to me

‘Play with my b**** and smell the sweat smell

They are so soft and smell really good! Lol!!

So, these are some gross things that women do when they are alone and when their husbands are not around.  Totally gross ones!

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