This Is The Reason You Haven’t Found Your Love Yet, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Why Are You Single Yet

Why Are You Single Yet – Are you single for a very long time? Frankly, are you totally pissed that all your FRIENDS are dating and romancing, but you’re still ALONE? Are you wondering, what are they doing or they did to FIND A PARTNER? Do you want to know “Even though you’re a catch, then why you’re single?” Alright, do not worry anymore.

Your zodiac sign will tell you why you haven’t found “the one” yet.

Let’s begin ( Why Are You Single Yet )–

Why Are You Single Yet –

  1. ARIES

Sometimes, when you’re all alone, you start feeling that you should get into a relationship. You start thinking that your life is kinda boring because no one is there to talk to. You look at the pictures uploaded by your friends with their partners, and then you end up being more alone.

The thing is, you’re more involved into personal thing i.e. right now you’re too busy focusing in your family problems. Family, no matter what; comes first to you. So, your loved ones need you with them and that’s the reason you’re spending more and more time with your loved ones which is certainly good.


There’s still time for you to enjoy your single life. So, make sure to enjoy it to the fullest. Your “the one” will certainly come when it’s the right time. Till then, enjoy your LIFE.


No doubt, Gemini’s are over-thinkers. Yes, you’re thinking about relationships, but you’re also thinking about your career related thing. You’re more into thinking about your choices that’ll make and break your future. You need to stop doubting and start believing yourself because it’s really important. So, in short, your attention is mainly towards how your future is going to be.


The thing is, you still don’t know yourself. It’s very important to take things slowly, one at a time. Just because others are dating, doesn’t mean that you should date too. I know, you’re missing “love” but this time, it’s for you to know yourself completely.

  1. LEO

At times, you get really judgemental. Whenever a certain person shows interest in you, you tend to judge them quickly, and this damages the entire setting. You need to understand that it’s okay if others are not “cool people”.

  1. VIRGO

Get over your past. You say that you’re ready to be in a relationship, but whenever a person comes near you, you compare them with your ex. You’re not completely over the person you loved in the past.

  1. LIBRA

Work, Work, Work…you’re more involved into working. You’re too busy with work and that’s the reason you can’t find the person who is interested in you. Whenever someone approaches, you put your work first (maybe this is good, but if you’re complaining then you need to do something about it)


Just because you’re not in a relationship, you’re totally thinking negatively. You’re thinking that you’ll end up alone FOREVER and no one will like you because you’re not interesting like your friends.

C’mon, start thinking positive.


The problem is, you’re rushing. You need to understand, that even though it takes times, everything will be alright. Just because a person approaches, do not end up giving your relationship a tag, because that will be upsetting in the end. Let it go the way it is going and try not to rush.


The problem with you is, you know that you’ve a hard time accepting people. You can’t easily compromise on things either. You need to understand that sometimes, a relationship requires compromise and you should deal with it, instead of running.


I think you should know that expectations hurt. You have high expectations from people, and that’s why you go on rejecting people. You should understand that no one is “perfect” and keep expectations but down-to-earth.


A part of you is like “I want to be in a relationship” and the other part is like “No, I don’t want to be in a relationship.” You’re really, really confused and you don’t know how to deal with it. Even when someone tries to make you feel special, you end up being good and bad, according to your mood.

It’ll certainly take time to find out what you want in LIFE.

This was all about why are you single yet and why you haven’t found “the one” yet. 

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