These 4 Changes Will Transform The Future Of Education In India

education system in India

We all know that education system in India is quite screwed up because of the unnecessary changes that are being made and the necessary changes that are not being made.

While we suffer the drawbacks of our education system on a daily basis, we really wish that one day things will change.

The worst part is that many people still feel that our education system is right.

But tell me how it is right?

When students are not able to do what they want to, they are being forced to study the same course that was there decades ago and they are not getting any practical exposure that could help them build their career in a better way.

No matter what it is, we all know that we need a better education system in India and here are some changes that are most required.

Changes in education system in India –

1 – Change courses as per technology:

While technology is changing every day, we are still stuck on to the same old courses. Those courses that were made decades ago are still being served to each and every student and we have been learning the same things in almost the same way. So, if our courses could be modified in every 5 years, it would be very helpful and better for the students.

2 – Pay teachers more to make them feel worthy:

The education board, as a rule is loaded with individuals over their 60’s and 70’s. With all due regards to them, I unequivocally feel that you require more teachers who are young in there to have that blend of experience and youth. The young ones would be more in a state of harmony, more in accordance with the changes and the new age needs of students in their years to come. A graduate gets more money in an IT organization than what a teacher might get in a few schools (regardless of the sixth Pay commission increment which covers just on the Government universities). When you begin paying more, you get quality personnel in, you get individuals who really need to educate and individuals who are justified.

3 – Private universities should be profited:

This may seem like an over the top recommendation however in the event that you consider it, it may bode well. We as a whole realize that private universities profit a lot and they run it like a huge company runs business. The arrangement, I feel, lies in making them take away the non-profitorganization status and make them what they are. We cannot take after the English training systemand even then sit in our heavenly vessel of non-profit, huh?

4 – Utilize the alumni power:

A standout amongst the most underrated possibilities in Indian system of education is the abilities of the alumni. Apart from the IIT’s and couple of other top establishments, the idea of alumni systems support is nonexistent. In a period where each Indian graduating is procuring some place, graduated class systems should be exceptionally very much entwined with the college undertakings. Alumni are exceptionally interested in supporting but they don’t know who to give. They are usually concerned as in where the cash would go. When you build up a tenable system which is straightforward, it would give the road and in addition the certainty for the alumni to contribute regarding cash or any other help that would be possible.

These are just some of those changes that might help education system in India and make lives better for the students as well as the authorities.

If it ever happens, it would be an amazing thing.

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