Does Someone Care About Our Police Forces?


No, don’t roll your eyes as if someone has asked a useless question!

Yes, you read it right again, it is indeed about taking care of our police forces!

Obviously the first thought that would have crossed your mind is why the hell anyone should take care of police forces. It is in fact their job to take care of us, protect us, keep us from harm and be our saviours round the clock!

Absolutely agree with your line of thought, but don’t you think that these brave men and women are human beings first, just like you and me, and then they are cops?

These police forces all across the country also have the same needs, dreams and desires like the rest of us.

Yet, they leave their personal comfort aside and are found working overtime, sometimes 48-60hours at one stretch just so that law and order is maintained in the city and we as ordinary citizens can enjoy our lives, festivals and occasions.

What do they get in return for such harsh working conditions?

As far as salary is concerned, it is a pittance compared to what any youngster makes today while working in an IT company. Don’t even ask about the quality of life for even some of the senior inspectors have to live in one-room government flats with their entire families. The job profile involves all kinds of dangers, but they are not adequately compensated or given any emotional and mental support to handle one of the highly stressed jobs in the world!


Mental breakdown, just like it recently happened in Vakola police station in Mumbai where Assistant Sub-Inspector Dilip Shirke shot dead Senior Inspector Vilas Joshi before killing himself!

Dilip Shirke & Vilas Joshi

Dilip Shirke & Vilas Joshi

It might be an isolated case, but it is a testimony to the fact that our cops are working under huge amount of stress and if they are not helped, soon the whole system might collapse. Therefore it comes as a pleasant surprise and a small step in right direction that the Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has ordered the mental check up of all Mumbai cops immediately.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria

Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria

However, it will not be enough. What is actually required is that we as ordinary citizens show the cops, anywhere in the country, that they are part of the system. Just because some of them take bribes and have brought a bad name to the forces, it doesn’t mean that all should be treated in the same manner. Compassion and respect for what all they are doing is required so that they feel wanted and don’t get the feeling that they are the ignored lots.

A healthy society is one where every individual is loved, respected and taken care of. Cops are doing their job, sometimes in inhuman conditions!

Let’s support them and help them do it better and with greater efficiency!

It is easy to ridicule and bring out faults, difficult to praise and encourage the good work!

Try making a cop smile today and help him feel that he is respected for what he is doing for us!

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