Suicide Is A Crime DD Anchor: Aayenah Pahuja

DD anchor feeling suicidal – Firstly suicide is a crime in India. How are we wrong to expect professionalism while covering such a mega event?

So yes we were actually refraining from writing this stupid piece of news about a goof up made by this anchor of DD.

But after the threatening video from the so called ‘The Logical Indian’ where the anchor says she is “feeling suicidal” we couldn’t help but stop this act of sympathising with a criminal state of mind.

Firstly #Suicide is a crime in India. So all those emotions suddenly going in favour of this anchor please hold your horses. Instead of sympathising with her we need to question the allowance of such regressive thoughts persisting in the society.

For example if a person says I feel like murdering or raping are we going to encourage such thoughts? Then why are we treating this entire video that has such grave thoughts differently?

For everyone who do not know the entire matter…well here it goes:

Aayenah Pahuja, an anchor from apparently the most prestigious body in our country Doordarshan gave a great ‘darshan’ to the plight of the media at the national level. She was in Goa covering the International Film Festival Of India.

How are we wrong to expect professionalism while covering such a mega event? She made series of bloopers and the entire video went viral.

So this was the entire matter.

This woman was ridiculed to a great extent and she faced harsh criticism.

Is the act of criticism criminal? Calling a spade a spade doesn’t really make anyone a killer.

In her defence she came up with this video (link at the end of the article) in the portal of ‘The Logical Indian’ where she has subtly threatened all the critics to stop questioning her IQ as she is feeling #SUICIDAL.

Wow so questioning the respectable positions of top organizations is objectionable as they get sentimental to an extent of openly talking of suicide.

Don’t we have the right to criticise and question someone’s professionalism?

Actually it is quite a smart move by this anchor.

She may lack general knowledge but her strategy worked as we have the so called Logical Indians supporting such depressing talks.

She says in the video that her career is at stake. Well by that logic every Indian who is suffering from unemployment should commit suicide by now.

We all are aware of the huge recession problem that plagued our country. So by now mass suicides should have happened right?

Criticising doesn’t equal to killing. Criticism and praise is a part of any profession.

So ya Aayenah, smart move I must say, to actually save your job in this industry.


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