Not Every Bihari Would Start A Sentence With ‘Sasura’ – Myths About Bihari Men

Laloo Prasad Yadav Bihari

Not every Bihari man has that typical accent. Which accent?

Well check for yourself. Don’t miss the ‘tremendousva’ moment.

When we talk about a Bihari the first thing that usually strikes the mind is their accent. The PR branding and media coverage of Lalu Prasad had been so impactful that even subconsciously we somehow relate every Bihari man to him.

People, who don’t agree with me on this, then well, hats off to you all for not stereotyping. For the other unfortunate junta including me who tend to link and generalize…it is time we broaden our minds.

Why is it so difficult to imagine a Bihari without the paan and the accent?

Talking about paan, well not every spit you see on the streets is by a Bihari.

For God’s sake just because he is a Bihari doesn’t mean he has to have a paan. Even if he does can we please not generalize it with the typical red spits on the streets?

Spitting is a habit that anyone can develop irrespective of what community he belongs to.

The red patches that we often encounter on the streets or walls don’t necessarily have to have a Bihari tag attached to it. It can be anyone for that matter.

Not every Bihari aims to be IAS officer:

Although Bihar and Jharkhand is known to produce IAS officers but it isn’t a hard and fast rule that every Bihari has to choose this profession only. We have Mika Singh from Bihar. On second thoughts what if the singer chose to be IAS officer.

Uhhh no thank God he chose to ‘Subah Hone Naa De’.

Not every Bihari guy is a ‘despo’:

If a Bihari guy is asking you a genuine doubt then it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is hitting on you. About desperation, well any guy can be the desperate types. You might come across a Bihari who wouldn’t even be interested in you.

Not every Bihaari talks loud while conversing on phone.

Imagine a Bihari talking on phone. The two distinct characteristics that would come to mind are the super audible nature of conversation and the usage of cheap abuses. For example the word ‘sasura’ has to be there in the conversation.

Although there might be men who speak like they want the entire surrounding to hear their conversation but that is the case with many Indians.

Forget men travel in the ladies compartments of Mumbai locals and you would find a competition of decibel levels.

Myths about Bihari men – It is time that sasura we give them a breakwa.

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