My Housemaid is Young and Tempting! I’m A Bachelor, What To Do?


“He is having an affair with the housemaid!!”

“He had s** with his housemaid!!”

“You and housemaid?? Yuck!!!”

These are not flattering statements for sure and if by any chance these are being said about you or to you, trust me guys, you’re in the bottom-most pit of trash covered with garbage!

But, I do understand the humiliation you have to go through when anyone doubts you like that!

You’re a single guy, living all alone in your rented apartment and your life just can’t function without a maid! To please people and make sure they don’t think lowly of you, you can’t kick out that young single maid who is so efficient in her job. At the same time, you have to keep your integrity intact, not give in to the sinful temptations and make sure that you balance it out properly!

How the hell would you do that?

For starters, it is not only the guys who try to do such filthy experiments by trying to sleep around with their housemaids. No, it is not because maids are from lower strata and don’t deserve the bed of a guy she is working for. Just that it more or less looks like an exploitation of a poor girl or showcasing of power by someone who believe he can do it and get away with it, like in the recent case of film star Shiney Ahuja! Well, that case is still on so no comments, but it’s the most recent famous example!

Anyways, sometimes it is the maids who try to seduce you and tempt you for extracting money out of you. Yes, there have been cases where young or newly-wed maids have tried to tempt the young bachelors into getting intimate and then blackmailed them using their own family members!

The best practice, as suggested by a bachelor friend living alone in Mumbai, is that as soon as the maid comes to your house, open all the windows of your flat and if possible, sit there and do your work while she finishes off in kitchen or elsewhere. Given how close are Mumbai residences, the moment you open your flat’s windows, everyone can look inside your home and you can peek into many other flats, without any binoculars!

The other option is never to talk about their personal life! Emotional bonding leads to such acts of unethical passion causing the biggest troubles! A guy once started talking about the problems his maid faced living in a joint family and soon he found himself discussing her sex-life! Can you believe it? Obviously, what happened next isn’t rocket science for you to guess!

Don’t think it is random and everyone is out there to con you, but being careful is in your hands guys! Also, if you’re getting too tempted by your maid, it is high time you start looking for a girlfriend instead of doing something fishy with maid and getting into big time trouble!

Easiest option?

Do all your chores on your own!!

Good health, save wealth!

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