Dry Fruits Are Healthy, But Know Which Dry Fruit Has More Calories

dry fruit calories

Dry fruit calories – Dry fruits are the best no doubt!!

They are the best as they taste the best and so it feels so nice and heavenly munching on them when your hunger strikes you. But this really doesn’t apply for the ones who wish to shed the extra pounds. Dry fruits are definitely not a good option. This is because a lot of people ignore the calorie fact.

For all those who wish to know about the amount of calories that the dry fruits have, we here got you a list that shows the amount of calories per 100gm. Take a look into dry fruit calories.

Dry fruit calories

  • Cashews 100 g   633 calories
  • Almonds 100 g   572 calories
  • Peanuts 100 g   560 calories
  • Dry dates 100 g 277 calories
  • Sesame seeds 100 g   565 calories
  • Dry apricots 100 g   274 calories
  • Hazelnuts 100 g   640 calories
  • Walnuts 100 g   645 calories
  • Coco nuts 100 g   380 calories
  • Raisins 100 g      277 calories
  • Chestnuts 100 g     182 calories
  • Cedar nuts    100 g     629 calories

So, these are some of dry fruits and the amount of calories that they possess in about 100 grams of each of them. Now furthermore let’s get into the nutritional facts of the dry fruits.

Nutritional facts:

  1. Fibers

The process of dehydrating doesn’t reduce the amount of fibers in them, but in fact they are some of them that increase in the amount of fibers. So dried dates, raisins are high on high on fibers.

  1. Minerals and vitamins

Dehydrating has a great effect on the number of vitamins and minerals in the dry fruits. As the process of dehydrating turns fruits into brown that reduces the amount of thiamine in them. Treatments’ like boiling the fruits reduces the amount the Vitamin C.

So, these are the various nutritional facts and the dry fruit calories. So now it’s time to decide for yourself, basing on the fact of whether you wish to gain or lose weight. If you still love to eat limit the quantity!,

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