Did You Know That Is Only Planet Venus Revolves Clockwise?

Earth being the planet covers with the enormous beauty of universe revolves anti-clockwise around the equator. Unlikely Venus does the opposite it revolves on the clockwise direction. While there are different conclusions about the planet compared to the movements of the earth.

Venus fascinates with the amazing features that makes it one of the enthralling part of the entire universe. What can be the changes in Venus’s planet when comparing to the earth?

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224 Earth days for Planet Venus

When the earth enjoys days of 243 rotating around its axis completely but slow is the movement of Venus.  The earth days calculates the Vesuvius year with one day extra longer than the Earth days that are 244. The confusion of one extra day-long rotation still ponders in the mind. There can be many reasons but one of the most specific drags to pull it lengthier to one more day is because of the magnetic attraction. Sun acts as one of the strongest magnets that pulls the movement of the Planet Venus towards itself.

So is the planet moving slower than the other planets or it has the opposite movement of the planet? Few believe that the Venus planet moves extremely slowly in which the movement seems to rotate clockwise.


But on other hand, few scientists have a controversial conclusion about the Venus may have flipped upside down which has led to the certain strange behavior of the planet. The planet may be moving slow that ensures a slow movement or it may be flipping of the planet. In both situations, Venus does not have the similar conduct of motion to other planets.

The struggle stabilizing and coming up to a conclusion is still difficult as it can be this or it can be that. Whether a slow movement or it can be a core struggle of planet hit by any celestial objects, the planet have to complete 244 circles of its axis.

So, the sun rises from the west in Venus, perhaps somehow if anyone expects the sun to rise from east as earth does. It is not at all true, as once again it shows an opposite action. Planet Venus is one of the popular planets that have been in the research topics since the ancient times. One of the superior appearances that are gorgeous with a combination of yellow and white color.

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Comparing Earth and the Venus is possible because their orbit movement sync with each other. So, the comparisons between both are possible which helps in understanding the changes in the behaviors of the planets. Therefore determining the complete rotation is possible that is of one day extended for the Venus than the earth days.

Not only Venus but also Uranus is another planet that has a similar action. Both are seen to have different motions while rotating on their axis. Uranus completes traveling around the axis in just 117 days of the earth with respect to the sun. While the planet Venus shows a slower movement as found by the ancient astronomy to modern scientists.

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