This Mumbai Guy Confessed To His Parents That He Is A Gay And Their Reaction Will Leave You Speechless!


LGBT which is a short term given to the category of ‘humans’ who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

These people are an integral part of our society and matter as much as any straight person does but the problem in here is the acceptance.

First of all I need to ask this to people, what is society basically?

A group of people who have different thinking than you, they have a problem with your way of living, they have a remark on everything you do and they set certain measure which are said to be ethical in terms of being social enough and yes, THEY DON’T MATTER. Who is society to accept or not accept the LGBT category of people? Who gave them the right? Why do we even care about them?

A lot of people from this category are living hell of a life because they are scared of the reactions that society would give them which certainly disgust me to a massive level. Though they are part of a free society they have never really experienced freedom. We, the people of the Indian society should be ashamed for raising a question on someone’s existence only because of their gender or hormonal function. Besides people who have been hiding beneath the bodies they have been given by default, there are some who have guts and power to express it to people in a very courageous manner. This is another story which has inspired a lot of more like him.

There is this 21 years old boy from Mumbai named Nakshatra Bagwe and he is GAY.

He has been fighting his internal feelings and hormonal turmoil since a very young age. He was 14 years old when he noticed his attraction towards boys which obviously wasn’t normal for him so inspite of telling it to his friends and family he took the help of the internet to see if he’s the only case like that or there are others like him. To his surprise he found out that there are a lot like him but that didn’t give him enough courage to speak it out to his parents and friends.

Years passed and he dated some people from his gender but then, there was an incident which literally shattered his world into pieces. He lost his boyfriend in a car accident which jolted him to the core. He was badly hurt but decided to move on and also got into some more relationships after that.

It was getting too much for him to handle as he used to feel uncomfortable when his male friends used to talk about females in front of him.

One day when he reached the rim of his tolerance, he decided to tell it to his parents but as soon as he told them they were absolutely devastated as obviously it wasn’t easy for them to tolerate something like this from their 21 years old son and hence, they started growing apart. Recently Nakshatra made the first-gay-themed short movie of India named ‘Logged-Out’ and also won an international prize for that, this made his parents really proud of him and they accepted him the way he is with open arms after watching the movie.

The entire family used to discuss openly about LGBT rights and hormones and everything which is involved in this scenario. In fact his parents started shutting everyone who said badly about their son no matter if they were relatives or friends; they kept everybody shut on this topic.

Nakshatra used to organize certain gay parades for which his mother started supporting him.

The best memory of him during the entire acceptance process was that one day during a gay parade his mother accompanied him holding a banner which said “I AM PROUD OF MY GAY CHILD”.

When asked about his future plans and his dream he said that he wants to find a nice boy for himself, get married to him in the traditional Hindu manner with a great pomp-and-show, adopt a stray dog and also a child after some months of their marriage. He also said that right now, he is majorly focusing on his career. Isn’t this so beautiful?

This is the best thing any parent can do for their LGBT child. Acceptance from his family made his life a lot easier than it ever was. A simple gesture of acceptance is all that people need and in this case acceptance plays a very crucial role. I hope this story acts as a motivation for all the other parents as this is a natural phenomenon and people who go through this should not be made feel guilty about it.


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