Must Watch: “Rufus The Harris Hawk”- This Bird Is An Employee At Wimbledon!

Rufus The Harris Hawk

“Rufus The Harris Hawk”

Yes, you heard it right.

Rufus is a big contributor of the Wimbledon family. He lives his life King size and his only job is to “keep an eye” on the pigeons so they don’t come on the ground.

His life is nothing less than a celebrity as he never feels shy to face the camera & that’s the reason he was also seen in Stella Artois’s advertising series called “Here’s to perfection”.

And, guess what? He has a major fan following who loves clicking pictures with him plus he is also on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Surprising isn’t it?

Well, the following video made by Youngisthan will reveal some more interesting facts about him.

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