Emotions You Go Through In The Last Year Of College

Last year of college

Last year of college – College is the best time spent for many people.

You go through so many events, experiences and emotions that you eventually begin to rue the last day of college.

Nevertheless, that day comes and the realisation occurs on the first day of the final year in college. It’s time to enter the real world!

You make it a point to live your life to the fullest, which eventually changes your whole attitude.

Let us look at the changes you go through in the Last year of college –

Last year of college –

I personally believe that You Only Live Once or YOLO is the stupidest concept to originate in the modern times. However, it is something that becomes your eternal tune for the rest of the year.


You suddenly realise that philosophical discussions are becoming part of your everyday talks with friends. Not just your friends, but you begin to discuss careers with your family members.


Back in college, you make it a point to make amends for all relationships that have had a negative impact on your life. If you have experienced rivalries, you see to it that you bury the hatchet.


Being the senior means setting an example for the juniors; you do not hesitate to apologise for your wrongdoings.


Time and again, you blackmail your teachers emotionally telling them how it is the last year in college and how you won’t be around.


If you have had a crush on someone, you reach out to them and express your feelings. It’s either make or break for you; there’s nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.


Since it is the last year in college, you begin to socialise with everyone. You also encourage your friends to interact with every individual in your class.


You also spend a considerable amount of time around the campus reminiscing about the time you spent with your friends all this time there.


You attend more lectures not to learn stuff, but to make your presence felt. After all, teachers are someone you will miss once you graduate.


This is what you go through in the Last year of college –

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