Faith Can Move Mountains But Blind Faith Leads To Exploitation. Here’s How!

kissing baba

To what extent can faith drive you? India is a land where blind faith dominates more than anything. Democracy goes for a toss when anyone questions the ill practice as faith is a matter beyond laws and criminality. In the name of faith people can carry out any kind of criminal or horrific activity as faith can’t be questioned.

It is a matter of being offended.

Enough of questioning the babas who take advantage of people and many are held in the case of exploiting people.

What’s more shocking are the devotees.

Have you seen the extent to which a person goes to seek a solution? It would shock you.  For example this unbelievably shocking incident of a devotee would send tremors down your spine:

There was a baba called the ‘kissing baba’ who apparently kissed and healed people (women). The activities were more than kissing…a glimpse on the same:

Kissing baba

Yes this person is popularly known as the Kissing Baba who was arrested last year from Proddatur town of Kadapa district (Andhra Pradesh).

Before questioning the Baba what is more shocking is the woman there. Seriously what exactly goes behind the psyche of such people who go to such babas? Moreover the baba is not even forcing her. She is willingly allowing him to touch her and press her breast.

People seem to be very casual with such approach. A woman in her agony needs a shoulder and the physical need is what this baba here is fulfilling. Does she like it too or is she too blind to see through the fact that he is exploiting her?

Educated people have blind faith. Even in a city like Mumbai we see advertisements of ‘Vashikaran’ specialist babas openly doing the rounds in public places.

Below is an advertisement from Mumbai locals.

Baba Musha ji Bangali

Baba Musha ji Bangali

Imagine if urban places are driven by superstition what would be the condition in the remote rural areas?

The below video would show you the negligence of people and how easily they can be fooled by mere tricks.

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