These Signs Tell You That Your Guy Can Not Be Trusted!


The entire foundation of love is based on trust!

In the initial days of a developing relationship, one spends most of the time knowing and understanding their partner, but as love deepens the urge to be 100% sure that your partner is not cheating or keeping secrets from you takes a high.

For a woman it is even more crucial to ascertain the integrity of her man in the relationship, as she is the more sensitive and vulnerable participant in the bond.

Don’t worry though!

Here are signs tell you that your guy can not be trusted

Just have your observation skills handy!

1) Secret Calls

The first sign of something fishy going on is if he doesn’t take all phone calls in front of you or even if he picks up a call, he goes to a different room or a bit away from you to talk. If he is in a committed relationship with you, he need not hide anything from you or keep any secrets!

2) General Texting

We are an internet based generation and all the young and even not so young brigade are found stuck on their cell phones day in and day out! Texting, Whatsapp and Facebooking are the most common forms of communication. If you see him hooked to texting all the time, but you are not at the receiving end of his messages that frequently, trust me, those messages are going to someone else.

3) Late Replies

Only if your boyfriend is working for the defence forces or some secret government organization, will he take time to reply to your messages. If he is living a regular guy’s life and still doesn’t reply soon enough, it means you have slipped from his priority list!

4) Time Away From You

If he says he loves you, but keeps finding some or the other excuse of either work or some hobby or some stupid reason to avoid you, consider it done that he is cheating on you or not interested in you anymore. Dig deep, find real reasons and move on before he dumps you!

5) Stranger To His Friends

You might know about his friends, but for them you’re more or less a stranger. This normally happens when a guy is in a habit of introducing too many girls to his friends and they hardly care! If after meeting his friends, you always get a feeling that they are trying to remember you, it is a sure-shot sign that your guy is fooling around behind your back!

6) Gifts

Yes, he does give you gifts, but does he goofs-up more often than not? Is he consistently sending you birthday or dating anniversary gifts on the wrong date? This means he is two-timing or maybe even more!

7) Other Girls

If you find him flirting or going touchy  with other girls and still saying that he is just being friendly with them, it is a red signal for you! If he is in a serious relationship with you, he just can’t do that or else he is not serious about you at all!

These are just some signs and if you’ll observe more clearly, you’ll find much more about him, his body language and his lifestyle, to help you get a better insight.

Love your guy with all your heart, but sometimes use your head as well to avoid getting hurt!

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