Let Us Visit The Places In The World Where The Sun Never Sets

Sun Never Sets

We all hallucinate to live in a world where day doesn’t just come to an end.

Well, some people are quite fortunate enough to live in places where the sun never sets.  These places enjoy 24 hours bright sunlight throughout the day and night as well. The phenomenon when the sun never sets is known as “The Midnight Sun”.  This phenomenon is genuine with few places around the country where you can enjoy the bright light of the sun but cannot enjoy the soothing wind blowing during night hours.

If you are a day-person, plan to visit these places.

  1. Barrow, Alaska

This small city with just 5000 people living is 1,300 feet inside the earth where you can enjoy super winter days. The sun never sets for three months and then the sun never rises for two months. If you want to enjoy the sun at night 2 am, visit this place between May to August.


  1. Norway

Norway also known as Land of the Midnight Sun is one among the places where the sun never sets. The sun never sets for a period of 76 days which is from May to June end. The city is covered with bright light for almost 20 hours in a day.  However, In Svalbard, Norway the sun shines continuously for 5 long months.


  1. Iceland

After great Britain, Iceland is Europe’s largest island. If you want to enjoy this island under the sunlight visit the place between May to July, as the sun never sets here. Other than the sun lights, there are many breathtaking places to be visited in Iceland.


  1. Canada

World’s second-largest country with rest to the area which is always covered with snow is Canada.  Not the whole area, but few places including Inuvik and Northwest Territories in Canada, enjoy the bright sunshine continuously for 50 days in summer. Other than the normal sunset, Canada also offers several breathtaking views and serene places to enjoy.


  1. Sweden

Sweden is generally warmer than all the places mentioned in the list as the sun sets in midnight and rises up again at 4.30 am. Just like the other places, Sweden offers you a peaceful environment with golf, fishing and many other activities to enjoy. Sweden is one among the popular place for Honeymoon between couples.


  1. Finland

Finland is full of the most beautiful extremes. This beautiful country is surrounded by beautiful hills covered with tall candle-shaped spruce trees. Sun never sets for 73 days in Finland during summer whereas the winters are usually in dark with no daylight. If you are going for honeymoon, you can enjoy staying at glass igloo suites available at some exotic and luxurious hotels. Cycling is one of the favorite pass time you can take up at Finland.


So if you are planning to enjoy the daylight, you can surely plan a visit to these places. But if you are dreaming of an ideal honeymoon vacation, skip them as the sun never sets. (I hope you got what I mean to say)

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