For Those Who Don’t Know What To Do In LIFE, This Is For You With Examples!

Confused In Life

Confused In Life – It happens.

You grow up.

You complete school education, then college, and then you FACE the world. You take decisions on your own and you live your LIFE the way you want to. Just like your other friends, you start looking for a job and then LIFE just begins. At one point, you realize that whatever you’re doing is not really the thing you should be doing. But still, you continue with it because you don’t understand “what to do next?” You know what; you’re NOT the only one in this. I’ve been there and I know how much this feeling sucks. You know; 20’s are really hard. Yeah, some are lucky because they know what to do and they’re doing it too. But others who have no idea about it, feel trapped and confused in life.

Honestly, people who’ve achieved things in LIFE, sometimes feel the same thing. Yes, even they question about their existence. Even they say “I don’t know what to do in my LIFE.” Sometimes we pick a career and later ends up knowing that “This isn’t going to work.” We take wrong decisions in LIFE and that’s something that we cannot ignore. Now that you’re reading this, I’ll assume that you’re in the same boat and you have no idea where you’re going. I would say, do not stop.

Well, it’s OKAY if you have no idea about what to do. The best you can do is, try things out i.e. do a job and see IF that brings you happiness. You don’t like it, do something else. In the end, you’ll reach your destination. I mean, you’ll get a place that’ll make you believe that this is something you want to do the rest of your life. Changes will happen and let them. Go through changes and make your journey interesting. To be honest; maybe the next thing you’ll choose to do will not make you happy either. But c’mon, experience it. Who knows you might even love it.


Get motivated by going through changes. Do not FOCUS on others. IF you cannot ignore ‘em, that’s FINE too but don’t compare your LIFE with theirs. In life, things will keep happening. Bad ones too. But, you need to accept ‘em. I still FEEL sometimes that I wasted my LIFE and stuff. But I know I’m not giving up on me and that’s my biggest win. I mean, you should accept things to move ahead in LIFE.


Sometimes when I’m depressed, I Google to find out whether there are people like me or not. I Google to know how people figured out what to do in life. Surprisingly; I stumbled upon best answers and they made me strong. Don’t believe me? Read these answers –

I actually made a list of the things I did NOT want to do. Since this eliminated almost 90% of the viable career-paths available to me, it made it much easier to choose. It’s a good place to start. – MAKE A LIST ABOUT WHAT “NOT” TO DO.

I’m 32. What I want changes every five years. Right now I want to go back to school and move into this adorable house in the middle of some forest my family owns. Who knows where I’ll be in five years. – CHANGE KEEPS HAPPENING.

The problem most people have is, they think you have to know what you are doing with your life. When really, most people learn that you just keep going… until you don’t. – SO TRUE.

I’m 22, and my problem isn’t that I don’t have any ideas, it’s that I have far too many ideas about what I want to do with my life. – THAT’S THE POINT!

confused In Life

You know what; once you’re done reading this, make a list about what you’re not interested to do. This will help you A LOT to understand about the things to avoid so that you don’t waste your time on ‘em. And yes, sometimes you don’t know what to do because you’re good at too many things i.e. it can be photography, dancing, singing or writing anything…One at a time, do it and try ‘em out. What makes you happier and fills your pocket might be the thing you can continue with. Most importantly; remind YOURSELF that you don’t have to compare your life with others.

Comparison damages LIFE.

Plus doesn’t matter IF the job is small, do it if you’re interested and get an experience. It’ll take time, maybe years but don’t give up.

I know that at one point; money becomes really important. You might even have to do a job that you’re least interested in to make money. In this situation, try to do a side thing that brings you happiness. Continue with it and who knows, tomorrow you might start getting paid for it. It’s all about trying. Take advantage of opportunities.

Confused In Life – Overall, try things out. It’s OK if you end up not liking the job, at-least you’ve learned about what you shouldn’t do in future. Next time; try something else and its okay if you hate that one too. Just keep trying and one day, you’ll get the result.

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