We Guarantee Nobody Will Give You These 15 Career Tips Ever!

Choosing a career for self and getting started with it is not an easy task.

It takes a lot of nerve-wrenching hard-work, to get you into it. Seldom do we get advices from people that actually are helpful on the working grounds, as most of them appear to be bookish knowledge and stereotyped words of wisdom.

But here are a few real career tips that will help you get into the cut-throat professional world, and remain into it with a winner’s streak!

1.  Your college subjects are just the subjects! If you haven’t learnt how to apply your real talent, you will not live for long, in the world where skills speak and books fade away!

2.  The receptionist in the office is the best person to make good friends with! Mark this in your professional diary somewhere! It will be of a lot of good to you, and you will know it eventually!

3.  People will hire you if they like you and not your college degrees. If you have that likability quality and people like to spend time with you, chances of you getting hired at a job become higher than usual. Be an interesting personality.

4.  Your answers may be very impressive, but your questions have to be real good too! Learn how to use your questions to open many doors, without posing a threat to someone.

5.  Don’t ever complain about Mondays, especially in front of the people who play key roles in your organization. This will be a sign that you don’t like your job and chances of your replacement will increase.

6.  Learn to share your credits tactfully. If influential people are involved in your working team, don’t forget to give them most of the credit even if it was mostly your work. You will be watering your growth chances in such scenarios.

7.  Informal office get-togethers or after work drink sessions are the best places to make concrete business associations and positive reputations with your seniors. Make good use of such sessions.

8.  Pose yourself as a learner and not a pro, all the time. People who are not ashamed of saying that they do not know certain things, but are open to learning, are the ones who win the trust from co-workers instantly.

9.  Your boss might be having problems other than at work. Ask him, know the issues and help him get rid of them. This works like magic. Trust us!

10.  The people who leave your current company are often times more valuable to you than those still with your company. Those connections can lead you to new opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Make sure to stay in touch.

11.  Do not make rivals at work. It is the most detrimental thing to do. If you cannot avoid it, leave the organization with a pleasant sorry note, whenever you have to leave. At the end, all industries are a small world, remember that. Do not leave unpleasant air about you.

12.  Doing your job well will ensure raise and promotions. Doing things, those are not a part of your job description will make sure you get those raises and promotions well in time and without any hassle. Move forward with an extra skill or two at hand.

13.  Don’t look too busy with your current work profile. Sometimes you are not given a new responsibility (read a new and better job profile) when it appears that the person is too bogged down with the current one and won’t be able to handle anything more.

14.  If you find that someone may get instrumental in your growth, get closer to them and ask for their advices in career-path. People get an instant head-up when asked for advice, and that will help you to build a good rapport with them.

15.  The qualities that got you your first promotion won’t always be the ones to get your next one. At higher levels, employees are judged on their ability to deliver future value to the company in ways that are not taught or explained to them: most importantly, how much business are they are able to bring in. Keep your pace with your changing position in the company or business.

We are sure you will read and absorb these tips and put them to good use.

These are the things that definitely will help you in your career growth.

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