After graduation- Expectations vs Reality

Life seems a lot more promising after college than what it really is…

We live inside a bubble when we are still in college and life seems happier and a lot more promising outside the campus. Finally, when it’s time to bid adieu to student life, and start working and earning, we all make a thousand promises to ourselves and expect a lot from our lives, which at times, turn out to be different from reality.


  1. Expectation: “I am going to earn so much!”
    Reality: “Can you give me 500 bucks for two days? I will return when the salary comes.”


  2. Expectation: “I am very important.”
    Reality: “Does anyone even care if I leave the job?”


  3. Expectation: “I will make a foreign holiday trip atleast once in a year.”
    Reality: “Sir… Can I just take two days off from work and go home for Diwali?”


  4. Expectation: “I am going to eat at all those fancy restaurants.”
    Reality: “Let’s order Pizza Mania from Domino’s. It’s cheap!”


  5. Expectation: “I will get myself a swanky new car.”
    Reality: “I think I am going to ask my dad if I can take his old Santro.”


  6. Expectation: “Kids who stay with their parents even after turning 23 are losers!”
    Reality: “I will be spending my 25th birthday with my folks at home.”


  7. Expectation: “I am going to dress up well for office everyday.”
    Reality: “Do you think anyone will notice that I wore this shirt day before yesterday?”


  8. Expectation: “My apartment is going to be beautifully setup.”
    Reality: “Guys… Please don’t mind the mess. I am planning to buy a couch and bed, and have asked the watchman to look for a maid.”


  9. Expectation: “I am going to party hard on weekends.”
    Reality: “I have had enough of hangovers and spending half my salary on pubbing.”


  10. Expectation: “I am going to wake up early and do some workout.”
    Reality: “I think 8:42 am is the right time to get up. I will have 18 minutes to get ready!”



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