Why Barack Obama Has Been Closest Leader Of The USA?

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American political history has famous personalities and leaders. One of them is the 44th president who served the country from 2009 to 2017. Barack Obama, a man in his 50s, was also the first black who ruled in the US. Here is one of the reasons that the author and retired attorney caught the attention of the Americans.

The first Afro-American President served with the concern of breaking the stereotype prejudices and thoughts. Africans or the blacks were the slaves and labor workers who worked for food and money. Poverty has been the reason that Africa suffers from illiteracy and better job occupancies. It is almost difficult for anyone to believe that a black can rise to become a great leader. Barack Obama, the black who has broken the prejudices of thoughts and the consistent white house legacy.

The legacy of Barack Obama brought equality

The legacy of Barack Obama as a member of the Democratic party has given a change in thoughts against African Americans. Better and fair payments for women, fewer manipulations on the black men living in America. Slowly his legacy brought inequality; finally, in 2009, he was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.  The time of Obama’s legacy was a sensitive period filled with worries all around.

He was the first President to support same-sex marriage; it was in 2009 that the White House council on women and girls was established. It was for the welfare and development of women and girls.  In 2013, Obama has signed 23 orders and was immediately ordered to work on gun control. An expired ban on assault weapons of the militaries was reintroduced. The passing of a ban on possession and selling of armor-piercing bullets had given hard time to the gun traffickers. It was specifically to reduce the crimes and stop the business of the unlicensed dealers. Apart from it an essential action that was necessary on cybersecurity and internet policy. The vast strategies led by the leader helped to recover peace and at the same time develop equality among the Americans.

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American’s thoughts diverse

Starting a journey not only as a Nation’s president but a strong leader who carried the hopes of several, was not easy at all. The sudden downfall of the economy led to a massive depression in 2009. The wars and violence around the world were challenging times for him.  Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with a threatening period surviving around with terrorism was consistently bothering people. Almost nothing was good during his beginning of leadership as a President of the USA.

During his first term, Barack Obama had worked on three essential factors. Firstly to stabilize and stimulate the economy, secondly, work on health care easy to access and affordable. Lastly, he attempted to work on the legislation reforming the financial institutions of the USA.  One of the most neglected parts was the payments for women. They were always paid less than their effort, he attempted to ensure fair payment.

His efforts on recovering from the worsened position of the American economy was to bring strong progress that was need of the moment.

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