Train Yourself To Become An Accomplished Counselor With This Diploma Course!

Career in Psychological Counselling – Counselling has become the need of the hour with many people living the busy urban life facing stress and anxiety problems.

If you have always believed in having a positive outlook towards life and guiding others to the path of better relationship assessment, setting goals, et al and have been looking for pursuing a specialized course that would help you in understanding human problems or working for the society, we just have the right solution for you.

Well, you can enrol yourself for a specialized PG diploma course in Counselling Psychology in one of the renowned institutes of India, St. Xavier’s Institute, Mumbai that provides you with a practical training to deal with cases related to domestic violence, alcohol and drug addiction, family crisis, rapes, student suicides and child abuse and others.

The corporate jobs and the fast-paced life in metropolitan cities leads to a lot of distressed minds and much anxiety which further can turn into severe depression problems with many others.


You can be the saviour for people by addressing such critical situations.

How Will A Course in Counselling Psychology Help You?

This course will enable you to address the psychological and behavioural issues by interacting with clients during the course and discussing their cases in class in the presence and supervision of the faculty, and going through personal counselling sessions yourself. You will also be required to work in an old age home or Geriatric Care Home.


A Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work or Human Development will qualify you for applying to this course. Only 25 seats are available for the course.

Course Curriculum

The course starts off from July where three credit courses from CPP 01-07 are included in three trimesters each covered in duration of 3-4 months. The classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5-8 p.m.

CPP 01 deals with Micro-Counselling lectures including counselling principles, philosophy and practice, where basic counselling skills are taught using role plays and audio/video copies of counselling interviews.

CPP 02 course consists of principles and techniques of the counselling process. This helps to further develop and improvise upon the micro-skills and aids in learning about the four major stages of counselling process viz. relationship, assessment or goal-setting, strategy selection and implementation, as well as evaluation and termination.

CPP 03 emphasizes on the development across life span which imbibes in students the understanding of the nature and application of different developmental theories throughout a person’s life span, right from the theory behind behaviours starting at infancy till death. This course module is based on both theoretical lectures as well as practical lessons from real life situations.

CPP 04 is a course module that gives an insight into various character disorders and neurotic, psychotic and developmental problems in a person and brings into view the practical and theoretical perspectives for such conditions as well as the research associated with it.

CPP 05 examines personality psychology and contemporary psychotherapies as it covers important personality theories and is based on the evaluation of major concepts and practices of current psychotherapies which will help you choose from these therapies and concepts so that you can develop and customize your own counselling style.

CPP 06 uses career development theories to give a basic idea of the psychology and sociology of work and career choice where you can learn to use counselling strategies, career planning resources and disseminate career information during the career counselling practicum that lasts for five weeks.

CPP 07 introduces you to theory, selection and usage of aptitude, achievement, ability and interest and includes personality tests in the counselling process. The analysis of strengths, weaknesses and biases of various testing instruments, laboratory experience in administration, scoring and interpreting psychological tests are all a part of the 5-week career counselling practicum.

CPP 08 is all about the practicum in counselling which is conducted in April continuing for four weeks and held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This module includes career and psychometric tests that are conducted on two days and the result comes out on the third day. Attendance for the practicum is compulsory.

All these course modules require you to have 85% attendance while also participating during classes, submitting all assignments and reading course material.

Now is your chance to make your mark not only for a career in counselling but also in people’s minds, people who would need you to help them deal with life’s crisis situations. Now is your chance to give it back to the society.



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