Ten War Memorials History Lovers Must Visit

War memorials

War memorials – War is the saddest part of human history.

But, our soldiers fought with a lot of dignity. In fact, the soldiers today also have the same spirit and courage to fight for their motherland. But, unfortunately, the world has lost many of their brave soldiers in the past. We should be thankful to the soldiers who scarify their lives to keep us protected from all sorts of threat.

Yes, the people across the globe can visit their border areas and express their gratitude to the army and other security personnel. But, what about the lives lost even before we were born? It is saddening that we can’t meet those courageous soldiers. Hence, the world has top war memorials that history lovers should visit and pay homage to the Bravehearts.

Yes, they were, they are and they will always be the most courageous people in the world.

List of Top Ten War memorials where History Lovers Must Visit

  1. Tjentiste Monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The angular abstract monument was made in the 1970s. This monument tells the story of two things. One is the failure of Nazi and the second thing is to remember and respect the loss of the civilian life. The memorial is also known as the Battle of Sutjeska. This battle took place between the Yugoslavian forces and the Nazi brigade during the Second World War. The Yugoslavian soldiers managed to escape from the arena along with their leader. This war witness the failure of Nazi rule due to which more than seven thousand innocent people lost their life. This war memorial is made from the bleak grey cement and is the must place to visit by the history lovers.

  1. Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme

This war memorial is best known as a masterpiece of monumental architecture by the Britishers. The Thiepval Memorial is a graveyard to more than 72,000 missing soldiers of British and South Africa. These soldiers participated during the First World War and died during the same period. But, unfortunately, their last rites were not performed and thus the Britishers decided to build a war memorial in respect of these brave hearts. The Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme is designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Ranked number two on the list of top ten war memorials, this monument is located in the small village of Theipval, Picardy in France.

War memorials

  1. The Civil War memorial at the Commandery, Worcester

Located in Worcester, England, the Civil War Memorial was built in the memory of soldiers who fought the final battle of English Civil War in the year 1651. This memorial was first opened in the year 1977. Amazingly this was the first and one only war memorial dedicated to the civil war heroes in England. In fact, the people and the history lovers come to visit this place from across the world. Being open to the public for a long time, the Civil War memorial was closed for one and half year sometime back. The museum was reopened for the people in the year 2007 when the Heritage Lottery Fund and Worcester City Council completed the renovation work here. Being the only war memorial of England, this is one of the top ten war memorials the history lovers must visit.

War memorials

  1. Royal Artillery Memorial, Hyde Park

This war memorial is located at the Hyde Park Corner in London. Designed by Charles Jagger and Lionel Pearson this memorial is made in the memory of the casualties caused to the Royal Regiment of Artillery during the First World War. The memorial has a giant sculpture of BL 9.2-inch Mk I howitzer. This sculpture is laid on the plinth of Portland stone. Apart from this, the four bronze-made artillerymen standing with guns in their hand on each direction catch the attraction. The contrast color combination makes this place a must visit by people. So, this is the fourth among the top ten War Memorials the history lovers must visit.

War memorials

  1. The Brooding Soldier

The Brooding Soldier Memorial is 11m tall monolith square column. The upper body of the soldier sculpture is craved whereas the body below the neck is plain. This memorial showcase a Canadian soldier standing at a funeral with this head bowed down in respect. While his hand lay on his reserved refile and the soldier is seen wearing the helmet. This War Memorial embraces respect to the 18,000 Canadian soldiers who died during the first gas attack that took place on 22nd-24th April 1915. Thus, the history lovers must visit this place as it is one of the top ten War Memorials in the world.

War memorials

  1. The Motherland Calls, Volgograd

This War Memorial is a statue located in Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd, Russia. The monument was built to mark the respect to the battle of Stalingard. The Motherland Call was declared the largest statue of the world in the year 1967. This statue of a woman was designed by sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich and structural engineer Nikolai Nikitin. Ranked at number sixth amongst the top ten War Memorials the history lovers must visit this place once.

  1. Tower of London Remembers

This tower was installed with the artwork that allows the world to feel the blood swept lands and seas of red that flown down during the First World War. Also, the ceramic red poppies shown here at the Tower of London Remembers is a tribute to the death of every single British soldier who died during the First World War. This installation of art took place in the period between July and November 2014 to mark the Centenary of the First World War. Thus, every history lover must visit this War Memorial one in their lifetime.

  1. Air Forces Memorial, Runnymede

Located in Englefield Green, near Egham, Surrey, England this building speaks for the courageous soldiers. The monument is designed by Sir Edward Maufe with Vernon Hill. The building is engraved with the names of more than 20,000 men and women personnel of British Air Force who lost their lives during the air operations that took place during the World War II. Thus, this is one of the top ten War memorials that history lovers must visit.

  1. Soldier Field, Chicago

The stadium was built in the year 1919 and was turned into a War Memorial on November 11, 1925. The motive behind turning the football stadium into a memorial was to respect the death of US soldiers who lost their lives during the wartime. This is an amazing place to visit for all the history lovers in the world.

War memorials

  1. Jacobite memorial at Glenfinnan

This monument was designed by the Scottish architect James Gillespie Graham. The statue of a highlander refers to the commission as Charles Edward Stewart by John Greenshields. This one of the top ten War Memorials each history lover should visit.

War memorials

These monuments aka War Memorials have one or more stories related to our brave soldiers. Thus, you must visit these places and pay homage to the real heroes of the world who gave their life towards making a better place for living.

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