US Weaponry Has Some Mind-blowing Secrets You Didn’t Know!


America is the most powerful country on the world.

Being the top weapons manufacturer of the world, America provides weapons to almost all the countries and has been a major player in all the wars that have ever occurred.

In spite of weaponry being the tallest tower of the economy, US have kept a few secrets to itself in the form of lethal weapons that not many know of.

Here is a list of some mind blowing weapons that only America has which make them more powerful than ever.

  1. MQ9 Reaper Drone

This is certainly the most prized possession of the US military. The Reaper Drone can climb upto 52,000 and read a license plate from over 2 miles. It is capable of carrying 500 pounds of bomb and has a flight time of 36 hours. US is working on developing a fleet of such drones that form a major part of their air support.


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