Signs That She Is Double Dating

double dating

Double dating – Dating is fun, you love it, but what about double dating?

While every relationship has some ups-and-downs, but note, if yours’ is taking a long to make things better, then it can be an alarm for something fishy, cooking behind your back.

Here are the signs that reveals your girl might be double dating –  cheating on you:

1 – Booked for odd hours: (Image 01)

If she says, she is occupied with work and can’t receive your call, trust her. But if this becomes her habitual action then you ought to ask her the reason. You never know, the time which she once used to enjoy with you, be it the late night calls, early morning exercise, frequent texting or other, might be now be booked for someone new. Being her partner, you can ask her about it.

2 – Privacy issues: (Image 02)

Changed passwords, removed your finger prints from her phone and hiding things on the name of privacy is a big time  change which you would find in her, if she is double dating you. She would mind if you check her phone or other things such as her social accounts. Getting too much close to any male friend of hers, whom she might introduced you as her good friend or bestie or even ‘so called brother’, could also be a sign.

double dating

3 – Wrong introduction: (Image 03)

You’re her boyfriend and she shouldn’t never introduced you as her ‘just/good friend’. You might not give much thought to it but this statement of hers can be a green flag to those who are trying on your girl. She would try to avoid situations such as clubbing out, throwing party, get together with you and her friends, if she is sailing in two boats at a time.

double dating

4 – It’s complicated: (Image 04)

When your relationship status turns to ‘it’s complicated’ just because you aren’t like her friend with whom she loves to hang out and spend time with, tells she might be dating two. Having frequent fights and distancing herself from you says she is no longer finds her interest in you.

5 – No initiation: (Image 05)

Check her call logs, are you still there in recent? If not then it’s the high time to realize you’re not the only one. To be top on her priority list is insane, but to be one of them is your right. If she no more initiates doing conversation, making plans, going out and anything that involves only you two, she might have made up her mind over you. 

double dating

6 – ‘His’ topics: (Image 06)

You should confess that you love each other not just once but everytime you feel it. If the only topic left with her to talk is ‘His’, who is most probably the boy she hang out and catch up more than usual, depicts she is more into him then you.

double dating

The feeling of being cheated is awful. It makes you feel pity for yourself, despite of being loyal. Things changes but when it happens drastically, it’s an alarming situation. either you strive hard to maintain it or end it to a beautiful point that it won’t scorn you later.

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