These 5 Quotes about Scorpio Perfectly Sum Up How Revengeful They Become When Dumped:

Scorpio quotes

Scorpio quotes – You can both fear and love a Scorpio’s intensity because they believe in extremes.

When in love, they will love you intensely but they will hate with equal intensity too. That makes them cunning, sly, manipulative and unapologetically revengeful. Anger always whets their appetite for dominance and when betrayed, they suffer from murderous frenzy to seek revenge in a psychological way.

Come the Scorpio season, we are laying down some quotes that perfectly sum up their revengeful nature. Take a look:

Scorpio quotes –

  1. Quote 1:

This quote depicts how being dumped leverages mental power in Scorpio. They are merciless when it comes to revenge but certainly not petty or evil. If you love them, they will stay in your heart and if you hate them, they will make sure to stay in your mind.

  1. Quote 2:

It has been already stated above that scorpios live in paradoxical realities. When they care, they can sweep you off your feet but when they stop caring, boy! You should not live for that experience.

  1. Quote 3:

Scorpios are mostly calm in their appearance. They are benign people who are understanding in the same vein and always give you opportunity to tell the truth, we suggest you don’t lie to them because they already know the answer. Don’t take their silence for granted, it’s the peaceful calm before storm.

  1. Quote 4:

Now this is the hilarious edit! Don’t confront a Scorpio, point out their errors lovingly instead.

  1. Quote 5:

Scorpions are adept at finding the truth. They will probe into the situation until they reach the truth and won’t buy lies to feed a hungry heart.

These are Scorpio quotes – Scorpions are real sweethearts however bitchy they look externally. You will have to pass a few mental tests and prove your worth to make them feel secured. Rest assured, you are the luckiest man on earth now that you have won their love. But you dare hurt them, you are so dead!

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