Unknown Facts About the Longest River Nile

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Peeping back into the ancient history of Egypt mentioning the Pharaoh’s, it mentions the longest river on the earth, “River Nile”. The Egyptian name of the river was “Ari”, due to the sediments left were black in color. Being the longest and ancient it has been useful to discover the Egyptian civilization.

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Facts of Nile

Discovering the agriculture, lifestyle, and culture of the oldest civilization was possible from the settlements of the civilization at the bank of the river Nile. Apart from it a few of the unknown facts of the world’s longest river are as follows:

  • The name Nile is inspired by the Greek Work Neilos which means valley.
  • Since history and hieroglyphics speaks about the Egyptian culture but now it is located in northeastern Africa. Where it flows to? River Nile flows into the Mediterranean Ocean, apart from it the Nile has ten tributaries that separate it from the mainstream.
  • Though the Nile does not start from Egypt, it flows through the country including Ethiopia and Sundi.
  • One of the valuable assets of the earth that are flowing at its own pace for more than 30 million years. Not only the longest but also one of the oldest rivers on the earth.
  • The maximum depth of the river is 9 meters on average which flows with a maximum width of 2.8 km and it is 6,650 km long.
  • Flora and fauna surround the river, it makes the entire atmosphere green and attractive. The forest is not only green but it consists of wildlife. Rhinos, Hippos, and crocodiles are common with a few more unknown wildlife such as the black Rhino that is distinctive.
  • You cannot ignore the sandbars that are beautiful and attractive.
  • The traveling time is three months required by water to flow from the Nile Delta into the Mediterranean sea.
  • The mesmerizing is the scenic beauty that is a mixture of blue river and green forest.
  • “Father of African rivers” is the nickname of the river due to its historical importance. The flooding of the river has been disturbing agriculture and civilization. But after the construction of Aswan High dam in Egypt it the loss each year is controlled from 1970.
  • The memory of fertility in agriculture is still celebrated in Egypt known as “Wafaa El-Nil”. It is a festival for awareness celebrated every year. As a gesture to establish the end to flood that use to destroy cultivation.

Wafaa El-Nil Celebration that lasts for two weeks

The celebration of Wafaa El- Nil for the longest river starts on August 15th and lasts for two weeks until the end of the month. Strange part of the flood was it arrived annually at the same time and so it made people aware of the time each monsoon. The construction of the dam has provided a great relief to the people of Egypt and bank of the river settlements.

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