Earth History’s New Phase “The Meghlayan Age”

Meghalayan Age

Geologically the earth’s age Holocene has been divided into three they are the  Northgrippian Age, the Holocene Greenlandian Age and recently the new discovered age is the late Holocene age or the – Meghalayan Age.

Affect on recent and distinctive, the Meghalaya climate for Discovery.

A new story in the history related to our place of survival that we are still surviving today was discovered by the scientist were they have mentioned that a new evolution of age has taken place that is known as the Meghalayan Age. Before the discovery of the Meghalaya age, for last 4,200 years, this age is continuing that began with the drought along with the cooling of the earth.

The sediments collected by the scientist from the Mawmluh cave have given the confirmation that this is a new phase in the history of the earth and since the sediments for researches were found from the cave made of limestones situated in Meghalaya.

Meghalayan Age

But before this Meghalayan age, the earth has gone through two ages known as “the middle Holocene Northgrippian Age with the variation in the climatic events is about 8,300 years and Holocene Greenlandian Age that occurred about 11,700 years ago. According to Stanley Finney Secretary General of the International Union of Geological Sciences , France stated that it has this particular age invented by the international scientist which is unique in the geological time scales that coincides with the global events of climate to the global culture events that has involved the regions of  Greece, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley and the Yangtze River Valley that had collapsed due to the natural calamities.

Did you know that it’s the recent discovery of the “Meghalayan Age”?

Meghalayan Age

According to “The International Commission on Stratigraphy”, it is the beginning of the phase, considering the geological tests of the stalagmites collected from the sediment caves known as the “Mawmluh Cave”.

Mawmluh cave is one of the longest cave in the world present in one of the wettest place of the world called Cherrapunji about 50 km away from the capital of Meghalaya “Shillong”. Meghalaya a place of clouds and hills which also recognized as the “Abode of clouds” as you can walk through or in between the floating clouds as you move or step up to the hills. The Mawmluh caves have evolved several years back with the sediments or layers of stagmalite including the formation of the carved limestones inside, tourists come here to explore the serenity of this cave who could not know about the discovery specimens hidden within the layers, that shows the beginning of the events in all the four continents.

Meghalayan Age

The three ages are found to be observed by the scientists under the Holocene of the“Quaternary”. Further information indicates the invention of a new epoch after Holocene that is called as “Anthropocene”, researches are carried out by a group of scientists of the International Commission on Stratigraphy that is possibly inspired by the new age discovery, though the group has proposed it as stated in “proposed in journal science 2016”, on the basis of the human involving in producing and dealing with the radioactive materials around 1950’s and 1960 ’s, providing them with a hope to invent something new on the Epoch.

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