Skill India Can Successfully Fulfill The Dream Of Beggar Free India

Skill India Program To Make India Beggar-Free

Skill India Program To Make India Beggar-Free  –

Narendra Modi’s central government scheme “Skill India Program” can play a important role in dealing with the growing problem of beggars in India.

Based on the figures of beggars in India, there are number of educated beggars living in the country. In India, there are approximately 78 thousand educated beggars begging on the streets. In this country, there are many beggars who have degree and diploma, other beggars also have a professional degree.

Many people reveal that they are begging, because they didn’t get any job. In the end, they decided to feed their stomach by begging on the streets. When once they started earning money without any hard-work, they got so used to it, that they made begging their Full-time business.

But if the government and the society come forward and join these people in Government’s Skill India Program, then a lot can be changed.

If they decide to link the graduates and post-graduate beggars, by involving them into doing work then it’ll be helpful.

Similarly, any professional holder who is now a beggar can also be linked to any employment by Skill India Program. The experts believe that it is not a difficult task to connect beggars with employable work in today’s era.

In this work, people of NGO’s and society can help government a lot. Well, because, if these people can easily offer them money, then they can also help these beggars to stand on their feet.

Also, they can help them by giving them work in their colonies according to the skill of mechanic and tailoring etc.

Thus, a positive step can be taken in order to make India beggar free by Skill India Program.

After-all, how long will we continue to criticise the government, society, and the education of this country regarding the problem of beggars? And, how long will we continue to promote this problem by providing regular donations to the poor in the name of virtuous?

Because, if we live in this assumption that these beggars are living their life by demanding money only because they are illiterate and helpless, then we are certainly thinking wrong. Thus, now the time has arrived where we really think that if people keep continuing donating then it will certainly prove out to be fatal for the country and society.

Thus, avoid giving them money.

What are your views about skill India program to make India beggar-free? Leave a comment below.

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