We Do Have Corrupt Police Forces In Many Nations! Here Are Top 5! Look Where Do We Stand!

indian police force

Our Indian Police is often cursed for being a very corrupt police force.

Most of us have little or no faith in our safety and security supervisors. While there are many reasons n our country for many to go corrupt, there are many other countries which have worse case scenarios.

We all know that police corruption takes place when police forces display misconduct in order to obtain personal gains, monetary gains, or job advancements. In our country the reason to corruption at lower levels is the under-wages. They are not paid as per their job duties and hence they seek gains from other sources. In many other countries the reasons are similar but there are many a times when the act of corruption is based on purely selfish reasons. And in that case, they have broken all the barriers of corruption.

Here we are bringing you the top 5 Corrupt Police Forces of the nations across the world:

  1. The Most Corrupt Police Force Goes To Haiti Police

World’s most corrupt police force is of Haiti. This police force is known for their corrupt practices and negative influences on the society. Even the Haitian culture has been marred with the unethical practices of the forces. Police officials are notorious to take law in their hands and trouble the citizens beyond measures. If you see the records of recent times, Haitian police went outrageous and broke many laws and violated human rights to the extends past believable. They have been involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking, and many acts of brutality. This so called lawlessness in the country did settle a bit after the catastrophic earthquake in January 2010, but only time will tell if it will stay this way.

  1. Second Position Is Grabbed By The Mexico Police

One of the most troubled police and it continues to get worse every day. Crime is at an all-time high in Mexico City and border towns, but many police officers are only making it worse. The most common reason of the corruption in the country is low salaries. Police officials do not shy away from accepting huge bribes form criminals and doing favors. They even extort a lot of money from tourists.  They are known to give victims the option of “plata o plomo,” which means they can either offer a bribe or be killed. Mexican police also work with drug cartels to protect them and enforce drug trafficking. They often ignore reported crimes and do not investigate them to catch hold of criminals, instead, imprisoning innocent people to cover up for their negligence.

  1. Kenya Police Takes The Third Position

Kenya is at No.3 amongst the most corrupt police forces in the world. This one a worse case, as a recent survey report of Transparency International, where the 92 percent civilians of Kenya themselves ranked their police as the most corrupt. Their verdict was shocking as many of them said to have paid a bribe to their police during the last 12 months only. Civilians are threatened to pay police on the availability of most basic amenities and services such as customs, healthcare, education, various registration and permits and basic utility services.

  1. At Number Four Is Subdued Burma Police

Burma ranked 4 when it came to the corruption in the nation, especially police force. Corruption among police force is like moving vehicles on the road, very usual and acceptable. The Burma police is notorious to make victims pay for the criminal investigations. Extorting money from troubled citizens is like their favorite pass time. Be known that Burma is ruled by a highly authoritarian military regime, therefore the Burma police and the rights of citizens are under direct hold of military. Yet, the levels of corruption.

  1. The Controversial And Scheming Iraq Police Takes Fifth Position

The most contentious Iraqi police have had a long history of corruption for various reasons. Despite the funding and monetary assistance from UN and other organizations, they are not giving up on corrupt practices. Iraqi police continue to be highly ruthless, cruel and inhumanly. They participate in kidnappings, ransom payments and bribery, quite openly. Moreover, they have a track record of being ineffective at nailing the terrorist activities in the country. The reasons are well known to the citizens and the authorities outside the country too.

Now you see, Indian Police forces do not make it to top 5 when it comes to the corruption pedestals. Our forces are still better, and we hope they continue to become better than this.

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