10 Things You Will Only Experience And Find In Japan

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Traveling through the corners of Asia, one of the loftiest places gifted with uniqueness to find in Japan. The country itself is adorned with the uniqueness and beauty of its own culture, tradition, and technology.

Top 10 reasons to experience and find in Japan

Japanese boy sumo wrestlers chase dreams of fame and fortune | Reuters

Sumo Wrestling

Watching Sumo wrestling is entertaining. Japanese Sumo community is involved in popular sports. There are 6 major tournaments around the year, and three take place in Tokyo. The roots of the sport are in Japan, people can find and experience the uniqueness for 15 days of the game period.

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Experience and stay at a Buddhist temple

Buddhist temples in Japan allow visitors to stay in and experience the life of the monks. Observe their daily life, their prayers, and their spiritual lives to endure peaceful life. Including a Japanese vegetarian meal, with a warm stay in the traditional culture and ambiance of the country, Japan.

VR Shopping with Voice Chat presents future retail applications for virtual  reality | Japan Trends

The virtual and real world together

To find the world combined with virtual and reality, together it is the place. Technology provides games for gamers and nature for environment admirers.

The virtual world includes games as well as the fictional world. People can expertise in Ninja techniques using the fascinating computerized machinery.

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Enjoy the lantern festivals

Visiting Japan provides baskets filled with joy and festivals. One is the lantern festival that brightens the mind and also the sky full of lights is an amazing treat standing on the land of the country.

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Samurai Artwork

The roots of Japan are exemplified through its culture, artwork, and tradition. One of the traditions is the Samurai Artwork. An ancient form of art, a dance form combined with techniques of swords. It was born in Japan and one can find and experience the 150 years old art form.

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Kawaii culture

Find and experience the Kawaii culture within the Japanese. The culture describes charms, smiles, happiness, and childishness through its aesthetics. It includes beautifying with toys, food, clothes, movies, and entertainment.

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Zen Buddhism Culture

To intensely learn about the famous Zen Buddhism culture, among the different Buddhist countries. Japan is a country that can explain traditional art forms such as Sadou and Ikebana. Implement a simple mode of lifestyle for peaceful and healthy living.

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Worldwide, it can be from the terms of ancient or modern, the tales and bravery of Ninja are part of the country. To explore their influence even after hundreds of years the place that still has the bushido culture.

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Hot springs for a bath

As Japan is a country, with a ring of fire. It has evolved with many hot springs for a bath. The minerals and water temperature act as ailments to treat as skin and body pains.

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To learn about the part of ancient Japanese history and culture, visitors should watch the Geisha’s form of art. Traditional studies begin at an early age and require years to learn Geisha. They perform in different ceremonies and festivals. The artists have to follow strict rules and discipline to acquire it as a career.

Apart from it, find and experience the beauty of the Autumn leaves and the elevated view of Mt Fuji. Altogether Japan provides a uniqueness that is not found in any part of the world.

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