The Stand of US in The World Of Guns

Gun Violence – There is no dearth of gunslingers in the world and the countries at war muscle-flex at each other on the basis of their power of ammunition.

That’s the pulp of the human civilization and it goes eons back.

Now that question that looms over the horizon and robs many countries off their sleep is where US fits in the world of guns. This has a reason at play behind it, US is deemed as the superpower which browbeats over many countries, take for instance Aghanistan and Iraq in recent past. There are many anecdotes in US history that it wants to forget. The US domestic scene also turning fatal by the day as more people are possessing guns and opening fire indiscriminately on people as the most viable option to prove their point, whatever that is. There have been six countries in the western hemisphere that has reported trends in fatal shooting which happened to claim many lives.

If figures are to be believed, Brazil has the most firearm related deaths in 2016 with 43,200 and the US comes just next to it  with 37,200 while Mexico with 15,400. We are judging by the reports produced by the University of Washington’s University of Health Metrics and Evaluation. The report was termed as ‘The Global Mortality of Firearms 1990-2016 that has been published on Tuesday in the journal American Medical Association which gives you a sneak peak into the fact that US may suffer from incomplete information too. If we look beyond America, among the top five countries in gun violence falls Venezuela with 12,800 deaths and Guatemala with 5,090.

What is the probable reason of the spike in Gun Violence?

The countries that are hold accountable for setting wrong example for the world has different cultural fabric where there are significant amount of domestic gun holders that really gives us cold feet. The countries have issued policies to curb this problem but no significant result is seen as of now.

The most unnerving fact is that the gun violence is one of the greatest public issues of all time and so far, so simple antidotes have been tracked down to rein in this problem. The tragedies are escalating by the day but there is a slight glimmer of hope that in the study’s 26 years time frame, there have been a slight decrease in the death rates due to gun violence.

Terrorism too is one of the key players in alleviating this problem and it is held responsible for landslide range of public deaths. But we should not lose sight of the mass shooting that is an alarming concern in the US too. The memories of Mass shooting in a night club of Orlando, Florida in June 2016, and there was one at the concert of Las Vegas strip in October 2017. The local authorities understood them as homicides so they are included in the study too.

The overall verdict:

In 100,000 people, at least 40 have been claimed to die as firearm deaths as the study discloses. Singapore, in this light stands way behind with 0.1 deaths per 100,000 people.

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