Archeology : A Unique Career Option

Does learning about our ancient civilizations excite you? Archeology- is the method of studying about these ancient civilizations.

Does learning about our ancient civilizations excite you? The part of history which was not recorded, has been uncovered with the passage of time. Archeology- is the method of studying about these ancient civilizations. It could be a challenging career opportunity for those who possess an analytical bend of mind and have a keen desire to know about our past.

The main objective of studying archeology is to study past human cultures by excavation, survey and identification of historical places. The sites, when yield some kind of remains of earlier cultures in the form of artefacts like pottery, weapons, jewellery or currency, are properly analysed, documented and preserved by archeologists for future reference. The conclusions drawn during various archaeological investigations often adds new dimensions to already known facts of the past.  So, here’s how you can make a career in archeology…

ls this the right place for you?

For those who derive self satisfaction in discovering history and our ancient cultures, long lost in the dust of time, nothing could be better than archeology. If you love adventure and camping, you’d love this profile; as it involves spending most of the time camping and onsite activities. You also need to have a lot of patience and an analytical, focussed mind to prosper here.


In India, universities mostly offer archeology as a subject at post graduation level and beyond it. Firstly, you need to have a graduate degree to pursue a career in archeology. The degree could be in any subject. However, if you are confident about joining this field, it’s better if you pursue your bachelor’s in history, sociology, or anthropology for better understanding.

The Institute of Archeology conducts a two year post-graduate diploma in archeology. Students who possess a master’s in classical language can also choose this program.

Beyond Post graduation

Having completed the post graduation level, candidates can opt for higher studies or take up a job. For a job the candidates can either take up a teaching job or be employed with the Archeological survey of India as an archeologist at the state or central level. Archaeologists draw all the benefits of a normal government employee as per their experience and official designation.


Archeologists need to travel a lot, from one excavation site to another. They also get the opportunity to work on international excavation projects as required. Other than that, you could also take up permanent positions such as lecturers, professors, conservators, museum curators, and so on in foreign countries as per your experience and area of specialization. Also, archeology is an ideal profession for people who want to make a career in unravelling mysteries of the past.


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