5 Reasons Why To Date A Curvaceous Woman!

Curvaceous woman

Curvaceous woman – Curves are hot.

Women who are round and voluptuous are sexy.

Girls who don’t give a damn about body image are sensational. They are the kinds you should be dating. Here’s why. Read on….

Curvaceous woman –

Curvaceous woman

1 – Your beer belly won’t matter:
So what if you have a beer belly that can give stif competition to a pregnant woman? Your chick won’t mind that as she knows your body is your temple and you’re free to do whatever the hell you want. And that’s what makes these girls ultimate dating materials! You don’t have to worry about binging on sweets and your favorite junk when with her. Reason enough to date her, eh?

2 – No more ‘Am I looking fat?’
You’ll never have to face the dreaded, ‘Am I looking fat?’ question  from your girlfriend. She knows she is pleasantly plump and is happy about it! You can go out shopping, drinking, clubbing and chilling and she would never throw this bouncer at you. Rejoice and get a girl like this ASAP! What the hell are you waiting for?

3 – Live life, king size:
With this babe, you can live life king size. Everything is WYSIWYG, aka, What You See Is What You Get when it comes to this girl. She is not superficial or artificial. In fact, she wants to you chill the hell out. She will tell you like it is and behave the way she damn well pleases to. She won’t sugar the pill and never let you  not do things that you love and enjoy. It’s important to not treat her like a doormat because she has seen and been with too many inconsiderate guys to call your bluff in a jiffy!

4 – If she is a foodie, she will be loyal:
Ask her if she is a foodie. If she is, grab her with both hands and hug her tight. For you have found the ultimate partner! Moreover, foodies are more loyal than others. It’s like if she is a fan of Rajma Chawal with onions and pickles on the side, she would love it all her life. There’s no way a chicken biryani can make her change her loyalties. So if she is gracious enough to date you, she would do it all her life. No matter what! Foodies are also self-sufficient. They know what they like, what they want and why they are fans of particular dishes. They are so sure about stuff that they won’t change their stand even if earth opened up and swallowed them whole. Food-lovers are also vibrant and passionate people.

Their passions range from eating good food to advertising it. They are less depressed and more creative than average individuals. Just like the flavours they favour so much, they are like being around different kinds of people. It’s fun to date a girl who is curvy as it will guarantee you absolute, one hundred percent great food wherever you go. Since nothing less than the best suits her, she would take you to places that offer amazing and authentic food. And unlike the wait-watching dainty chicks, she will indulge in food like a real woman.

5 – She will be proud to have you:
She knows that you approve of her flaws. The same way, she will also not mind your shortcomings and be proud of whatever you have achieved. It’s the ideal way to be as both of you would form a mutual-admiration society that would make the relationship fun, flirty and spontaneous.

If you’re with a Curvaceous woman, don’t let her go. She is a keeper and will make you so damn happy!

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