The Spooky Stories Behind These Real Life Haunted Dolls

Real life haunted dolls stories

Real life haunted dolls stories – As a little girls, we all were fond of dolls and our parents brought us aplenty but similarly, when at the sight of the movies thriving around the creepy dolls sent the chill down our spine.

Our love for dolls fell afoul of the fear of being haunted by them all of a sudden. The dolls that looked diligently cute, suddenly turned into fearsome monsters with protruding eyes and seeing them on the TV screen made us shiver. Our excitement would dial down in a jiffy.

But little did you know that there were real life haunted dolls stories would give you creeps on a higher measure.

Real life haunted dolls stories –

1 – Okiku:

Okiku is a Japanese doll whose hair grows up to its knees and it is trimmed back again just to the shoulder length. A man, in 1918, brought this doll for his 2 years old sister and the two became indispensable for each other until her untimely death. Soon after her death, her family noticed that her hair was growing longer.

2 – Annabelle:

The people who have come across this doll, often said that she leaves hand written messages for her owners. There was a girl names Donna who owned this doll, become possessed by the evil spirits soon after and to tell you, Annabelle is the name of the evil spirit that possesses this doll.

3 – Robert:

You can witness its presence in the Fort East Martello Museum, Florida. Wherever you move across the room, its creepy eyes would follow you. The boy named Robert who owned this doll, carried it to everywhere and put on his clothes on it. Uncanny things started happening around the house and the doll was blamed for that. The electronic devices would start to malfunction when someone tries to take a snap of this doll.

4 – Peggy:

The majority of people who have come into contact with Peggy, or even merely looked at her, started experiencing nauseating feeling to headaches. It was also accountable for causing bad dreams to the family who owned it. Worse, the situation went to sparse when the family brought a priest home to find a cure for it.

5 – Joliet:

The doll named Joliet was a cursed and haunted doll which beget the death of the owner’s baby boy. It’s origin goes eons back which was said to deliver piercing cries of a baby boy in the night. It was also said that only the mother of the baby boy could hear its wails. The dolls even spanned generations as they inherited it.

6 – Caroline:

Caroline passed through three different owners who chose it to be the vessel of their spirits. So far the three of the owners were dead as they have fought over its control.

Real life haunted dolls stories – These haunted dolls were to be possessed at the owner’s own peril who of course have highly regretted in the aftermath.

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