Why Is Virginity That Big A Deal


How many times have you heard women talk about their virginity like it’s some precious gem that ought to be guarded with their lives?

How many times have men and women given more importance to virginity of a person than his character and personality? Is virginity that big a deal in our society?

While losing your virginity to the right person is one thing, but guarding it in a cage with four soldiers around it is something totally different. It beats the purpose, does it not? If you’re old enough to decide who you wish to marry, you’re obviously old enough to make love to the person…even before being bound by the rituals of matrimony. In fact, marriage has got nothing to do with it. But in our society, anybody who voices her opinion on such things is branded a wh*** or a sl**. How sad is that?

In no way are we telling people to go ahead and get down and dirty, we are only asking them to not attach much importance to it as it’s just one part of intimacy. In today’s day and age, nobody really bothers about a ‘pure’ and ‘virgin’ bride or groom. With people getting married well into their 30s, it’s but natural to have sexual encounters before they settle down with ‘the one’. If your partner is going to judge you by your previous encounters in the sack and break off the relationship because you’re no longer a virgin, you’re probably better off without him/her. Such hypocrites tend to talk nineteen to the dozen about virginity, but would be the first one to jump into a bed full of legs if they had had the opportunity.

Often youngsters are faced with the moral dilemma of losing the big V versus preserving it for the true love of their lives. While it’s a great idea to wait till you’re mature before becoming sexually active, it’s quite ridiculous to judge those who have indulged in it. After all, it’s their goddamn life. If others have chosen to change the order of things…that is, sex, followed by courtship, followed by marriage or not… Who are we to point a finger at them? We can only ask our friends and family to use protection and be mindful of all the repercussions of unsafe sex, and not badger them with lessons on moral values.

Actually, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to matters between the sheets. Some still feel that abstinence is the best way to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies, while the world has moved onto contraceptives and other preventive measures. In a conservative society, virginity is quite the fancy word, only used in whispers and never spoken out loud. While the western world embraces the word for all its passion and beauty and believes in ‘live, let live’.

It’s you who has to decide whether you wish to be bogged down by the norms of the society or rise above it and do what you please like. But don’t forget that you have to take precaution if you’re going to do something that would have a major impact on your life.

Moreover, don’t do it because you want to be a rebel, do it because…it feels right.

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