Top 10 Corrupt Nations in the World!


Corruption is the most wide spread and growing problem in the world. Many nations, including India are riddled in this problem which hinders growth and infrastructure.

Let us have a look at top 10 corrupt nations in the world; these countries are ranked by Transparency International-2014.

The study ranks countries on a scale from 0 to 100, with zero being the most corrupt, and 100 being the least.

  1. State of Eritrea- (Africa) Rank 18

Eritrea is one of the smallest nations in the world and faces one of the biggest issue i.e. corruption. The graft has taken the toll on the country so much that country is one of the poor nations even though the country is loaded with natural resources.

  1. Libya- (Africa) Rank 18

Libya’s government was brought down by mass protests by the country’s people. This political turmoil augmented lot of abysmal activities which left the country in shackles of corruption.

  1. Republic of Uzbekistan- (Asia) Rank 18

Corruption is endemic in Uzbekistan. It is plagued by poor governance and that’s the result of graft which is prevailing in the country at all levels.

  1. Turkmenistan-(Asia) Rank 17

Many people might neither be aware about this nation nor about the scope of corruption that prevails in the country. The country is bordered by neighbors like Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan which are already facing the heat of corruption.

  1. Iraq- (Asia) Rank 16

Iraq has widespread corruption scandals and major reason is the political mess the country is facing from past many years. Rising tension between the Kurds, the Shiites and the Sunnis, and also the onset of terror activities of ISIS from Syria has added lot issues as well along with corruption.

  1. South Sudan- (Africa) Rank 15

South Sudan became an independent nation few years back and does not have proper government structure, law and order in place and that’s the reason why the state faces lot of graft issues as well.

  1. Afghanistan-(Asia) Rank 12

The country’s condition led a fruitful ground for development of corruption. The former president Hamid Karzai was charged for corruption as well.

  1. Sudan-(Africa) Rank 11

The country hardly had stable political condition as it always faced wrath of incessant wars, internal conflicts, which has destabilized the country badly.

  1. North Korea(Asia ) Rank 8

Corruption is rampant in North Korea and it has world’s most corrupt public officials. The country must pay heed to this issue.

  1. Somalia (Africa) Rank 8

Somalia is topping this list from last five years. It is one of notorious nations as it widely known how smuggling, pirates, their conspiracies. Lot of more corrupt practices are thriving in this country which makes them so backward in this era.


All readers who are wondering at what position India is in the list then you can be little relieved as India ranks at number 85 in the list.

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