#METOO: Revolution, Revelation & Resolution!


#MeToo – With the generation riding the crest of modernity wave, there still exists many grey areas which are hidden behind the enlightened masks of the human beings.

This part of the society believes in misusing their power in order to get pleasure in exploitation. Sexual misconduct which has actively been hidden or dismissed for several years are getting voices under the hash tag of #MeToo in recent years. Women were supposed to be exploited and was expected to be silent, but days are changing, and the so-called civilization is disrobed of its false mask.

#MeToo is the movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, which spread like a wildfire in October 2017 when it was used in the social media in an effort to demonstrate the omnipresence of sexual harassment in the workplaces.


Tarana Burke, an American social activist first used the phrase “me too” in 2006 as a campaign for “empowerment through empathy” after she had spoken to a 13year old assault victim. Later on, in 2017 it was popularized by Alyssa Milano an American artist on Twitter.Being a victim herself, she encouraged people to come forward and tweet about the sexual harassments they have faced in their life and let the world know and rethink about the crumbling civilization we boast off.

This movement is gaining momentum with each passing day and is taking the form of a revolution which is helping the victims in revealing the darkest secrets of the so-called rational society. Gradually it is turning out to be a resolution for those, who still have not gained the courage to come forward and speak up for themselves.



All that glitters are not gold; it is applicable in every walk of life. People in positions of power, seeking sexual favors from the lesser ones in the work-fields are nothing new, it has been practiced since ages. Only difference is that earlier victims preferred silence over protest. But, now the days are changing so the mindset, it would not be wrong if we say that time has come to shout out loud “enough!!”. The social media platform has proved to be a helping hand for the sexually harassed victims, who could not come infront or were silenced by the power to suppress their voices.When you visit the social media platform anytime these days, you would see how “me too” has become the rallying cry of women. It has revolutionized a whole generation of women all over the globe with the working women calling out sexual predators in workplaces and power equations. As an egalitarian society this movement is a milestone achieved, which is not just limited to workplace harassment, but also about the coercive and abusive behavior existing outside the workplace.



It has become a matter of utter shock and disgust that people, so called qualified, talented and dignified personalitiesare also involved in the meanest kind of power-game, where they shamelessly use their powers in order to sexually exploit and harass others, whom they consider to be weak. Sexual violence, abuse and harassment has been rampant since years, despite the law. It is not because people don’t approach law, but the shameless thing is that instead of helping the victims, in most cases the legal patrons harass the victims and force them to step-back. Thus, the social media platform has extended a responsible arm, and we are confronted with the gray side of the society. #METOO movement is an eyeopener for the generation who is living in the transition of a chauvinistic and liberal mindset. Incidences of actresses getting harassed, groped and raped by directors and co-actors in the name of help makes us think twice before stepping into those work-fields.It is just an instance, if you open the pandora’s box, more worms of this heinous crime would come out. This movement is a revelation that, if you are suffering from any such situation in your life, then silence is not the answer. But your voice is. Not only the workspace has been contaminated, the pious holy places of worship are also polluted by the male chauvinistic attitude.



It’s high time for us to promise ourselves that we would never allow ourselves to be exploited.In case it happens don’t keep quiet, because your silence is devils victory. Your one decision of speaking up can save many innocent from falling prey to those misogynists, who thinks women are the second-class citizens, and they have the birthright to exploit and harass them. Come out of the fear and make the resolution that neither you will exploit, nor you will allow someone to exploit. It’s wrong to think that only women are victims, though they are higher in number but even men are not spared. #MeToo is a movement against the mindset that having power doesn’t legitimize your wrong doings.


If one can exploit in the closed corridors, pull them outside and strip their dignified mask.

The present wild scenario of the children falling prey in the hands of pedophiles, young people indulging in rape; and people having money and power sexually harassing and exploiting the struggling talents inside and outside workspace;are a result of the silence which prevailed since long.

Come forward and give words to your pain and fear, not because you’re a victim, but because you are a warrior who has the fire to save a whole generation following us. This sexual crime against humanity needs to be uprooted. I’m joining #METOO, are you joining?

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