7 Rules About Sexual Harassment At Workplace You Must Know

sexual harassment at workplace

It’s common for all of us to encounter sexual harassment at workplace, whether you are a man or a woman.

Unfortunately, there is no strict law for men who face sexual harassment but some really strong ones for women. But it doesn’t matter what your gender is, there are some rules of sexual harassment that you must be aware of.

A situation can come up any time and you have to stay ready with all the information in your head to take an action as and when needed.

So, on that note, here are 7 rules about sexual harassment at workplace you must know.

Sexual harassment at workplace

1 – Write down if you are being offered something.

One major rule of sexual harassment is to stay aware of the facts and that’s the reason if someone is offering you a promotion or threatening you with a demotion in exchange for submission to harasser, write it down. Make a point of everything said, the place and the time.

2 – Collect possible witnesses.

While a harasser is too smart to do anything in front of other people, one can always make a mistake. You just have to see that at sometime someone must have noticed that person doing something inappropriate and you just have to gain their confidence.

3 – Keep evidence.

There are times when the person harassing you sends you a text or a card to display his love. All you have to do is make sure you have kept it in a safe place and you have it in your hand when the time comes.

4 – Approach your HR when the alarm raises.

Don’t let the rumors kill your brain and stop you from going to the HR thinking that the harasser has power over HR. If not to get help, you can always go to the HR for an official complaint that can be used in future if things increase.

5 – If the HR doesn’t listen, approach higher authorities.

If the person trying to harass you is the higher authority, then it’s a different case. But if it’s not, then you have the right to approach someone above than HR and report the harassment.

6 – Get legal help.

If nothing and no one at work seems to help out, it’s time for you to seek legal help. Get yourself a lawyer who knows you well or someone who has helped others in similar cases.

7 – File a complaint.

Once you have found a lawyer, it’s time for you to file a police complaint. While fighting for the right thing, remember that you don’t have to give up in between and stay strong.

So, if you are facing sexual harassment at workplace or you know someone who is, then it’s time to take the right actions.

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